Warren Buffett

Reported through couriers, errands or telegraphy, as it does today through email, Internet or over an intranet. It went through various production technologies starting with the manual-, steam, electricity, combustion internal, until the arrival of electronics and microchips. The business of Stora has been changing (has passed by the mining of copper, forestry, steel casting, hydraulic energy, and today, the paper, pulp and chemical industry). For even more details, read what Linkedin says on the issue. How is that a company will last many years it possible? Long-lived businesses tend to be financially conservative, so they not risk too much in good times, and this allows you to take advantage of opportunities when the situation falters, and competitors are not able to do so (as recommended by the investments, Warren Buffett guru). Adapt to the changes, as I have pointed out, and are sensitive to the news, so they react in a timely manner and learn enough to continue developing current business, or change it if necessary; for thus not only are tolerant of new ideas, but also stimulate them, they incite the collaboration of its employees in the creation of the company, so that they feel part of society much more intensely. The continuous learning that occurs in this type of companies, beyond the hollow words is also remarkable.

Every year, the Shell company, with more than 175 years of history, devotes more than 2,000 dollars per employee for training, being the biggest part of its collaborative nature, i.e. heterogeneous employees, with different groups are formed posts, training and even different cultures, so you learn even more than this exchange between people of the course itself. Finally, I would highlight in particular interest in people, by the human community forming the company. If the benefits generated by the same revert on a few privileged, and there is a great imbalance in this regard, it is not likely that base workers are feel involved in the company. If the way of approaching the issue from the company is that you exchanged your money by the time/work/knowledge workers, and nothing more, it is logical that they see it the same way, as a commercial relationship (I work for money), and not as a joint project in which the company and the worker are developedthey learn and increase their capabilities jointly.