Meatballs in Italy are made in a thousand ways. What change is above all the type of beef, veal, pork or chicken, and the accompaniment: can be a sauce with tomato, onion, mixed vegetables or a wine sauce.What does not usually change much is the preparation of the meat.It takes a bit to prepare them, but I what I do is make a lot and then freeze them, so the next time already they are ready for cooking.Ideal as a single dish. Ingredients: – beef diced (400 gr) – 1 egg – grated Parmesan – spices (nutmeg, pepper) – salt – bread crumbs – vegetables: carrots, mushrooms, onion, Eggplant – olive oil – a glass of wine (white or red) how to prepare: to prepare the meatballs, all the ingredients are mixed with a fork and then with your hands. Once mixed, is limps a little dough (I usually catch a tablespoon for quantity) and with wet hands, form a few balls, which are allowed to stand on a plate.When you have a few, you can start to fry in olive oil, while you are still doing more. The meatballs should be very well browned on the outside. When they are golden, removed from the Pan and leave on a plate with kitchen paper so that it will absorb the excess oil. NYU Law has much experience in this field. Once the meatballs, prepare the vegetables: the onion cut into small pieces (don’t have much chop), sliced mushrooms, carrots and aubergines into cubes.They are added to a pan with a Ribbon of oil in this order and when they start to Brown add the following vegetables.When they are all more or less done, add a pinch of salt and put the Meatballs in the same pan.Fire rises to the maximum, and the glass of wine is thrown. Be allowed to evaporate off the half and immediately reduce heat and cover and Cook 10 minutes so the meat is finished inside. Already. Connect with other leaders such as Elon Musk here. Meatballs are served with their vegetables. Buon appetito!