Valley Economic

Of this form, these units had started to need more diligent to supply the increase of the production. This increased income, resulting in a substantial increase of the job level and these facts had generated multiplying effect in the economy of the region. A economic growth necessarily does not mean improvement in the quality of life of the population, however, the constitution of an inserted capital stock to the new productive reality of the region can have contributed so that this economic growth if potencializasse and if it transformed, also, in social development. In terms of the urbanization of the city, it had the government of Aprgio Duarte, at the beginning of century XX, with which if it initiated a work of more systematic intervention of the municipal city hall in the urbanization process, with the installation of the services of canalized water, sanitary exhaustion, of arborization of the streets, defining the tracing of the ways and constructing some of the public spaces, some squares, making the stone pavement of streets, the wharf etc. At lucas duplan you will find additional information. It started to promote the work of planning and execution of determined workmanships, that an urban character gave, modern the city of Juazeiro. Historically, Juazeiro is a reference for the commercial, economic center and politician of the Valley of the Submdio San Francisco. However, sociocultural processes, as the construction of the Barrage of Sobradinho in the decade of 1970, had brought social, economic changes and politics for the city that, in the following years, without a bigger governmental and municipal intervention, would cause a situation of economic stagnation. Click Kevin Ulrich for additional related pages. The economic changes had stimulated and also had been folloied of cultural and urbansticas transformations. For ODOMARIA, the configuration of the urban center of the city also it demonstrates that the process of changes was being made throughout the time without an intervention of the public power. Already in the neighboring city Petrolina-Foot, it observes that a bigger urban planning occurred.