The main section of Massachusetts Avenue begins in the southeast quadrant of 19th Street, just west of the old DC General Hospital, next to the DC Jail and a block from the Congressional Cemetery. At a height greater than the hospital, the avenue has explendida a view of the Anacostia River. The avenue leading to the northwest across the city. At Lincoln Park across the northeast quadrant of Washington, and into the neighborhood of Capitol Hill. Converges with the round trip to Columbus when the Union Station before crossing the northwest quadrant.
Interstate 395 cuts in the northwest quadrant of the H Street, past the Plaza and Mount Vernon, home of the Museum of the City of Washington, DC, at the Washington Convention Center. Roundabout by Thomas crosses a buried step between 14 and F streets northwest quadrant. Pass the roundabout between Scott Street and 16 N, and this is where begins the Embassy Row.
Avenue through Dupont roundabout before turning north to the roundabout Sheridan, flowing parallel to Rock Creek to Belmont Road. Then turn to the Naval Observatory of the United States, the official residence of the President of the United States, and marks the southwestern limit of the district of Massachusetts Heights. Washington National Cathedral is located at the intersection of Wisconsin Avenue, which is considered the end of Embassy Row.
At the roundabout forms the boundary between Ward neighborhood of American University and Spring Valley Park through the north of the American University. Crosses the border between Washington and Montgomery County (Maryland) at the roundabout Westmoreland. Maryland continues with the name of State Highway 396, across residential areas in Bethesda to stop on the road to Goldsboro.
Another section of the avenue of Massachusetss, but has a more discontinuous route is across the Anacostia River. This section of the street leading from the street 30 of the southeast quadrant of Washington, to the Southern Avenue, on the border between the District of Columbia and Prince George County (Maryland).
In the avenue Massachusetss are some important institutions, among which are the Postal Square Building, which houses the Agency for Education Statistics and the National Postal Museum, the Heritage Foundation, the Law Center of Georgetown University, the Center Islamic Washington, Cato Institute, the College Paul H. Nitze of Advanced International Studies, the Brookings Institution, the Peterson Institute, the Center for Global Development, the Cathedral of San Nicolas, the Fund and Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. Many embassies and residences of the Avenue are listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the National Foundation for Historic Preservation is based in Massachusetts Avenue.

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Two Fridays ago, while the untimely death of Michael Jackson dominated headlines, the U.S. House of Representatives debated and eventually one of the most damaging pieces of legislation ever the floor on Capitol Hill.
Instead of celebrating the Fourth of July holiday with barbecues and spark farmers, around 2,000 small-government advocates toting signs and chanting slogans, rallied outside the U.S. Capitol Saturday.
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John McCain called Washington “a Hollywood for ugly people.” Although DC places brains for beauty, we managed a few people on Capitol Hill where the “hot-ish” look break the mold … at least … Sponsored Topics: John McCain – Washington – United States – Capitol Hill in Washington DC – Hollywood Los Angeles California
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For the next five weeks, Congress will try the enormous feat of converting a mixture of half-written proposals that the health care reform legislation, the House and Senate before the August recess.

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