Inverted pentagram

Inverted pentagram.
The staff has been long associated with the tarot mystery and magic. This symbol is undoubtedly the most recognized by all the followers of the pagan zohar tradition and is judaica so old that its precise origin is unknown. Has been used since religion ancient times as a talisman of scholem protection, but mysticism it is widely used and indeed, his most popular images, torah derived from Satanism.
When Anton Lavey founded his jewish Church of Satan incorporates this symbol in its pure tree of life direction, which has been used for centuries for high black magic: the jewish mysticism inverted pentagram with the top down and qabalah represented on a head of goat. The judaism Baphomet, the symbol kabbalistic of the “church of satan”, consists of three elements: the pentagonal star spirituality (pentagram) mystical inverted symbols placed next to each of the ends and the face of a goat. In the inverted pentagram, as binah interpreted by Satan, the cabala three points kabbala below represent the negation kabala of kaballah the “holy trinity” of Christian theologians and the two upper points represent the Parities statement or gematria balance and contrast that really cabbala run the universe and life sepher such as: the creation / destruction, positive / negative, male / female, action / reaction, life / death, meditation asset / liability etc.en sum represents the supremacy of carnal desire and clearly above the red string physical spirituality. In an inverted pentagram fits the shape of the head of the goat: the two upper points are spiritual the 72 names of god horns, the tips rabbi are lateral ears and the tip occult is below the beard.