The Social Environment

Nobody needs to run away from the social environment to be happy. However, a society that degrades is really a dangerous footpath, that puts in bad sheets the Human being. The material body is not enemy of the Incarnate Spirit, is its pupil and also its professor. It is as a great laboratory where the lesser beings are learning. It doubts this? The mother loads the son in its womb. It as one cabecinha of pin collects itself there until it to give to it the light to it. when to grow will not go to load in itself diverse lives? GOD would not create a body alone to serve of ornament. In the Universe nothing idle does not exist.

It gives one looked in the Nature. She is idle? Not! Minerals, vegetables, animals, hominais and spirituals that we do not see are in its seio evolving. In boiling its cambotas was high, and put fear; e, in the four wheels, the same ones were full of eyes around. Book of Ezequiel Prophet, CAP. 1:18.

The capricious Human being Is always in boiling, Between the Good and the evil divaga Without finding its position. It vegetates between the Being and not to be, and of GOD nor it wants to know. Pra it, only the pleasure Of a mundane life, Can make ditosa the Creature Human being. Its bows with the substance Have a total force, the Spirit are unaware of, Are an irrational. He is in this fight ingente, But she continues grumbler. Why? Because nobody receives a body, to only sorver a comfort pra itself, But yes, to evolve. GOD did not generate it by chance; Because perhaps, he does not exist.