The Man, Nature And Science

The history of the man and its convivncia with natural way are study object since the establishment of the relation society-nature. Initially with appreciation of the component elements of the system of biodiversity it made leading the studies and the analysis of each phenomenon that occurs in its return as, for example, the elucidantes fire, thunder, light, movement, lightning and too much sources in its field of vision. The development of science is petitioned in the roots of the existence human being. Established from of the generic thought in detriment of a futurista perspective, it conjugates all the phases and fields of the knowledge and become facilitador the conditions for the next generations. The cultural somatria of the peoples? mainly inherited of the orientals (Greek, Egyptian, Roman, fencios, etc.)? it fed wheel the revolution of the technique and science to the next future. Astronomy, mathematics and physics had gained searching notables fascinated by the natural phenomena. Science was broken up for the more if it deepened the studies since the religion to the technological beddings. Perhaps check out christie’s art auction for more information.

However, this linking of the man stops with the way was sufficiently extreme occasioning in effect paradoxes, in what it says respect to the proper distanciamento of both the agent modellers of the time. Modernity until then was estagnada and limited of its growth, with sights to the religious premises wants restrained the practical one of the reason at the time. A conquered time the freedom of the philosophy and science to be multiplied, the new modern period walked to the wide steps extending and miscigenando customs, among others. The advance of the research and the study never was so quick: only in about half century a torrent of electronic devices inventions the direction of the time, had printed marks in the social life, had always continued to gain force and prestige to the measure that if increased the necessity. In the current times this development gains speed still more. With the call globalization what to see itself it is technological introduction in the industries, hospitals, facultieses and other institutions. Not obstante, all these applications its harmful effect to the environment and the life of the man. Elenca the consequences and implications that modify the natural cycle and systems, the restricted access to the ranks of work for those exempt ones of qualification, confinement of old cultures, among others. All these aspects draw the current scene and will go to redefine the next perspectives.