The Investors Crisis

Oddly enough, but think investors are about the same, as before the crisis: the profit or saving investments. Depending on fluctuations in the foreign exchange and other markets, they still sometimes fall into a panic, trying to find the most safe place for their investments. If, before the crisis, the risk was justified by high returns, which is not surprising at growing (inflated) market, then during the crisis to risk trying to significantly less The situation dictates that include the main thing that distinguishes one from another investor – flair. Yes, for many years it may be atrophied, that, in fact, is a manifestation of the crisis, investors – the crisis of thinking. Filed under: Wells Fargo Bank. Today, investors are forced into a stalemate as the mouse, which, running from one corner to another, from one market to the next, so try to at least catch the trends of the investment climate.

Why their behavior is so reckless and chaotic action? The answer is simple: from hopelessness of not knowing what to do, from the uncertainty and nostalgia for the past years. Oh, these years They are called differently: petrodollar, crazy, easy! In those days where everything – then fled in a hurry, trying to earn all at once. And there was no time to think about tomorrow, let alone the future, which, meanwhile, was not far off. Today is "distant" future has become our present. That in the end we got? Exactly what painstakingly built and created yesterday, the year or years ago.