The Experts In Labels And Stamps

Factories and offices are from companies with no signs and no stamp. Only through such activities do not now essential elements to get the hand and foot! For more than a century, the Maurer GmbH is successful in producing stamps and labels for industry, trade and government. Dennis Carey The funds operating in Stuttgart’s city center provides its premium products in almost all European countries. The range starts with printers and stamps made of metal, plastic or wood in various sizes and shapes – are currently very popular multi-color Selbstfrber! In addition, a shop waiting to proud 8000 signs of stainless steel, glass, dibond, acrylic and other materials to – and in different versions, dimensions and shapes. A wide range of accessories, stamp makers, colors and pillows completes the product range. The goods are produced on the mason GmbH Private high Gertschaft. In this way, for example, advertising campaigns and large quantities are produced in a remarkably short time. Aadditional bonus: that the Maurer GmbH by the excellent contacts with international suppliers, virtually all goods in stock. Of particular irritation is the fact that creating the webshop of everyone Maurer GmbH company sign or stamp itself, and can attach their own logo. This easy-to-use tool requires an incomparably attractive price because the customer the necessary preparatory work for the most part are carried out directly. As the dispatch of the order itself, including the implementation of this task is really easy! This is one of the reasons for the price of unrivaled Maurer GmbH, of which the consumer will also benefit as the dealer. Regular customers enjoy the added advantage of particularly low bonus offers! Nevertheless, we ensure the highest level of quality – as is already the centennial motto makes clear: “Solid work makes the best punch!”