Hiking Along The CrossGolf Enz

On 21.04.2007 it was time, 5 Cross intrepid golfers gathered at the Nagoldtal a hiking Cross Golf Tournament to organize. 13 KM was scheduled as the distance that had to play. The number of strokes played in this event, rather a minor role, because it came with as lost balls on the line, parallel to the Enz to the finish. The aim was to make a mailbox in front of a newsstand. That the club had one little hard to bear, we had a “bicycle” at work, where we were able to stow luggage and material well and transported. Were reached after 12 hard hours as the goal, we were a total of 18 KM on the road and everyone had lost 6 balls. Kind of a stick were all too tired, we agreed on a clear and fair draw. The whole action was planned earlier in the forum of. Actually, the first plans were being considered in the section between Pforzheim and Calw, but that would be measured on nen cycle was 21 KM and clearly too much for one day in spring. As to the forumwww.crossgolf portal.de been reported, the idea was very much excited and come to deliberate. But on balance, there were only 5 hard cross golfers who plan to start again the following year the same event. It has turned out to be a very helpful all the way with only one ball which was in turn beaten to play, because most of the day went for the ball search. Had they always have to look like 5 balls, would exceed the daily bag arrived at 6-7 KM. The interesting thing about the whole action was but the “audience” on their all Saturday’s bike ride through the Black Forest, many stopped and asked, very interested with a smile on my face because it was organized by the young. It was all in all a very exhausting but super nice and very fun day. Until next year.