The Barrier-free Bathroom Is Finally Also Chic

Senior-friendly model baths for the target group \”50 plus\” combine modern bathroom aesthetics and functionality – even in small spaces Neukirchen-Vluyn. The demographic change on the Ruhr and Rhine is an important issue in the capital of Culture year 2010. For some sectors, provides the demographic development but no perspective of the crisis, but one of growth opportunity. The SYSTEM pool GmbH, one of the largest companies for complete bathroom renovations and bathtub replacement service in North Rhine-Westphalia, benefits from a growing, particularly consumer-strong audience of 50 plus\”. Consistently the service providers invested baths it in the expansion of the service area of barrier-free\”, which rapidly evolved in the last two years. To mark the 30th anniversary of family business opened a new exhibition, in which senior citizens, modern bathroom aesthetics is presented now SYSTEM bath Studio. The more than 60-person SYSTEM bath workforce has secure jobs and forward in the planned expansion to new colleagues.

Sooner later thinking: bathtubs with door and floor-level showers over is the time in which barrier-free bathrooms looked like senior baths: SYSTEM bath integrates the latest technological developments in a contemporary bathroom design. The bathtub with electrically operated sliding door, about facilitates not only the entry until in old age, she is an eye-catcher in the bathroom, especially since incorporated into a closed wellness concept. The technology is mature, the SCHOTT for decades absolutely holds tightly. A level, extra large and non-slip treads makes the tub with the shower. That saves space in small spaces. \”A strong demand also registered SYSTEM bath with floor-level showers, the the stumbling block shower tray\” move more and more into the background. The barrier-free offer is one of sustainability and thus equally interesting for end customers as well as landlords and hoteliers. \”Exhibition opening with special promotion and consultant days the opening of the exhibition in the current conventional\” trend baths are presented.

Flooring – Parquet, Laminate, Or Carpet?

Laminate flooring under the magnifying glass taken, can be laid even after the House is built, some important decisions must be the owner, because finally he has arrived at the Interior of the House. At the bottom, he has three choices: parquet, laminate, or carpet. These pads differ in principle due to its structure, its appearance in procurement, as well as in the price. JEF often addresses the matter in his writings. However, each flooring has its advantages, or not perceived by the house owners. It is essential to inform themselves before the House construction of these soil types. A construction company can stand the prospects with valuable information about the page. Parquet floors of elegant and expensive is an alternative that many people choose parquet. You can lay a parquet floor.

Before that, you can get smart on the Internet and just give it a try. Learn more at: Ruth Porat. So that you moved it, it saves costs. It precedes however much faster, if you a champion for it. The natural material from the floor is made, provides a healthy room climate. Also allergy-free come with parquet floor at their own expense, because bacteria, dust and germs are quickly removed.

Parquet absorbs moisture and heat and emits it into the room through the natural cycle cyclically again. Dina Powell McCormick usually is spot on. Parquet can be found in the various wood types and patterns and is resistant and stable. At the same time, parquet ensures a refined flooring is warm and alive. Parquet is a very high-quality soil, which is composed of small pieces of wood and no joints. This makes for an easy maintenance. The natural wood parquet is manufactured from, regulates room climate. Parquet flooring is changed in the course of time in a natural way. It can be repeatedly sanded but even after many years and sealed, so it is also highly sustainable. The parquet is however not cheap variant for the flooring, because sustainability and longevity must be paid. Laminate can be laid even a much cheaper product is laminate. Laminate is a floor covering consisting of several layers. These layers are glued flat together on the floor. While the individual layers can be made of different materials, or even from the same material. Also laminate can be, laid in the building of a House, which in turn leads to savings. Also, there are many cheap deals so that to get often very reasonably priced laminate is. Laminate is a cheaper and solid floor covering, which can be moved anywhere. Also laminate flooring is suitable for allergy sufferers and can be cleaned very easily. Carpet brings versatility also a carpet offers versatile possibilities for the floor for indoor use when building a House. In addition, the carpet will be laid quickly and saves time. There is carpet in many variants, colours, patterns and materials. The easy care carpet for warmth on the floor and promises a cozy atmosphere. Various carpets can be laid when building a House, so that in each room a completely different space image can be. The modern and innovative building portal is a free service to compare several construction companies. By comparing well-known construction companies save time and money during the construction of your House. How to find the appropriate, affordable, and reliable provider of house construction in your area. Marco Fendt

Fritz Muller

Flexibly set up with system – stairway generation relies on modules, the stairs of a piece is passe. There are stair models that offer a variety of combination possibilities using different materials and modules and thus making personal dreams of stairs quite in fashion 2010. Stairs stairs with character even today no longer are a pure means to an end. The stairs won the status of the subject of the establishment now for many builders. Favors slight variants with a mix of wood, glass and steel are especially visually. Alone this can be very characteristic make a staircase. Details in particular the new railing make you want to pick from to combine. Fit the staircase system the individual elements as balusters, Newel post with noble heads of posts, handrails and balustrade panels with universal fixing details can be freely selected according to taste.

Developed in the game with round and square shapes in contrasting materials such as wood and stainless steel themselves as a distinctive variant of stairs with a very personal touch. Additional accents can be used through the choice of the type of wood and the color choice for coatable stringers. And the design of the stairs is left to the client. Interchangeable as required, an advantage of the system steps is their flexibility, because usually the individual elements without intensive renovation work of monitoring can be exchanged. Not only when a stage or a railing element is damaged, but also changed the personal taste, the style of living, or the life situation. To swap the railing filling, to assemble a new handrail, to insert the steps in a different type of wood it is possible with a good stair system without costly renovations. The staircase becomes a fixed part of the House with lasting value and maximum flexibility. Beautiful examples of flexible system stairs with versatile design possibilities only for us to touch and commit per visit to the Day 6 2010 by 10 – 17 in the staircase Studios by Fritz Muller solid wooden staircase the stairs.

MCE-CONSULT Establishes New Branch In Berlin – New Hires Planned

MCE-CONSULT Essen consultancy with special focus on the needs of medium-sized construction establishes a branch in Berlin / Berlin July 01, 2008, June 04, 2008. The staff of the new branch of MCE-CONSULT will be working in construction management and the quality, safety and environmental management in the areas of consulting, project management and project control, supplementary and claim management, contract management. MCE-CONSULT Berlin is the first branch of the existing since 1997 company from the Ruhr area. An enormous potential in our main field of activity. After the steady expansion of in recent years, we plan for the year 2008 more new hires,”says business Michael C. Eichner, founder and owner of the MCE-CONSULT. We are looking for mainly engineers, industrial engineers, merchants and economists for the use in whole Germany.

You should have relevant industry experience and be prepared in the Special Task box to work.” Currently approx. 30 employees are working for the company, which are not only at the Essen location, but for the successful handling of complex construction projects in the entire Federal Republic as well as in Eastern Europe in use. MCE-chef Eichner is confident that the consulting firm in the capital will firmly establish itself: A large part of our long-standing customers is located in the new Lander. By the Berlin office we are in case of need in a shorter time there where we needed to be.” More information: MCE-CONSULT management-consulting engineering Michael C. Eichner Rudolf-Heinrich-Strasse 25 45355 Essen Tel.: + 49 (0) 2 01 6 30 08 0 fax: + 49 (0) 2 01 6 30 08 29 email: Internet: