Fritz Muller

Flexibly set up with system – stairway generation relies on modules, the stairs of a piece is passe. There are stair models that offer a variety of combination possibilities using different materials and modules and thus making personal dreams of stairs quite in fashion 2010. Stairs stairs with character even today no longer are a pure means to an end. The stairs won the status of the subject of the establishment now for many builders. Favors slight variants with a mix of wood, glass and steel are especially visually. Alone this can be very characteristic make a staircase. Details in particular the new railing make you want to pick from to combine. Fit the staircase system the individual elements as balusters, Newel post with noble heads of posts, handrails and balustrade panels with universal fixing details can be freely selected according to taste.

Developed in the game with round and square shapes in contrasting materials such as wood and stainless steel themselves as a distinctive variant of stairs with a very personal touch. Additional accents can be used through the choice of the type of wood and the color choice for coatable stringers. And the design of the stairs is left to the client. Interchangeable as required, an advantage of the system steps is their flexibility, because usually the individual elements without intensive renovation work of monitoring can be exchanged. Not only when a stage or a railing element is damaged, but also changed the personal taste, the style of living, or the life situation. To swap the railing filling, to assemble a new handrail, to insert the steps in a different type of wood it is possible with a good stair system without costly renovations. The staircase becomes a fixed part of the House with lasting value and maximum flexibility. Beautiful examples of flexible system stairs with versatile design possibilities only for us to touch and commit per visit to the Day 6 2010 by 10 – 17 in the staircase Studios by Fritz Muller solid wooden staircase the stairs.