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It is no secret that many people today are eager to build your home business from scratch as the Internet and in real life. But while they can not decide how, how and by what means they will earn money. As understand what business will be easy to customize for themselves, where to take products and customers? How to bring tons of traffic to your site? They carefully analyzed the different business models, trying to pick the best, from the fact that there are at market and afraid to make mistakes. Although, in my firm belief that today is not so important what you do, most importantly, how you do it. If you are a specialist in this area – your success is assured.

Today I want to share with you information as to why I started a home business, virtually from scratch, along with the company Edgestile. This is our Russian company that produces software (software), and I earn money with it, because I – partner. NYU Law: the source for more info. And in my opinion, it is very beautiful and promising business. The company itself is in g.Chaykovsky. Working in it the most talented people are the best experts and professionals with whom I poschastlivelos closely interact in the business – seminar in Perm. One species of Products of – it’s a constructor for creating websites SiteEdit. With the help of this magical collection you can construct a simple business card site, a site for doing business, corporate site or company site, news portal, forum, and multifunctional online store. The company itself is in g.Chaykovsky.

Working in it the most talented people, the best specialists and professionals with whom I poschastlivelos closely interact on business – seminar in Perm.

Online Entrepreneurs

Any online entrepreneur course of their work have to spend quite a considerable amount of money to pay your Internet service provider. Mike Wirth offers on the topic.. Particularly acute problem is among the newest e-commerce which at first be downloaded from the network and explore the huge amount of diverse information, despite the fact that about any profitability of their business is not yet able to walk and talk. It is quite natural and logical it may be question – Is it possible somehow to reduce costs without compromising your internet business? I can offer you some practical advice … Tip # 1. Set yourself clear objectives.

The first and most important step – is to determine the goals – What exactly should I do today? We need to find as much information via e-mail marketing? Or respond to letters from potential customers? Maybe add new articles to the site, or put the script mailing vote or counter? In any case, I would advise you to write a detailed plan to date, for example: 1. To process incoming mail – 1 hour (0,5 Mb of traffic) 2. Charge the new e-mail course at avtoresponder – 10 minutes (0.5 MB traffic) 3. Order contextual advertising on Yandex.Direct – 10 minutes (0.5 MB traffic) 4. And so on …

This maneuver is very well disciplined and helps protect you from wasting time – for example, communication on forums, chat rooms, view entertainment sites, etc. Tip # 2. Get rid of annoying advertising. Typically, up to 99% of Internet advertising graphics accounts for flash and gif animations.

Home Internet Business

Our 21 century – the century of e-commerce! And it's true! To earn good money, now do not have to commute to work or to have your own shop. All this – yesterday! Internet has opened up humanity new possibilities and prospects! Every year the turnover of the Internet. Idea how you can earn on the Internet sooner or later comes to every computer user. Indeed, the very well to the Internet, not only would require spending, but also would bring income. Robert Kiyosaki often says this. And the possibilities are truly enormous. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Linkedin has to say. – 2004, turnover on the Internet amounted to 1,4 billion dollars. – 2006, 10 trillion dollars.

– In 2007, trade amounted to more than 21 trillion dollars! Just think in numbers and in rates of development of the Internet! Yes, the scope for action just great! In the world there are already more than 2 billion Internet users. This is opportunities! Some people do not quite understand what the Internet … Internet – is a great opportunity for a man! While some think it is a separate world or a country. Write off the Internet Business with a payback simply impossible, and about the costs of starting any business outside the Internet, I generally keep quiet … . What is "Internet" in essence? Computers from around the world are connected in one network. That's it. With the help of a computer and the Internet, we can find friends all over the world and can build your lucrative business! When people become involved in the Internet – in business, most of them initially spend months and even years of their lives on useless vanity.

MLM Business

Is there a future in MLM business? Even 5 years ago all worked by classical methods – personal conversations with people, presentations, etc. The last time things started to blow, that old methods do not work and the time has come new ones – with the help of Internet. Many, of course, immediately rushed to promote your online business via the Internet. But the statistics is that it does it may be only a few! The others turned their 'internet business' just to the list Spam e-mail and social networks! And it eventually led to the fact that the reputation of MLM on the internet fell as much as once dropped his reputation in the real world. People hate spam and harassment! It turns out that even working in Internet and even working professionally, even using all the possibilities of automation, to promote business on the Internet is becoming harder and harder. And, what is most sad, duplication of the Internet is even lower than in real life! If the this way? I think there is.

But we need to radically rethink and reconsider the whole mlm business and find a new approach to business! Only then will we have a chance to qualitative changes. MLM in our time requires a significant rethinking and radical changes. Already done some background in this direction. But while the ideal option would not come up with. We had not really understand and learn what Network Marketing 2.0, as everyone began to talk about the so-called network marketing, 3.0 and even 4.0! Although the precise wording yet nowhere. It's just a totally new form of online business, yet no one well-known and not implemented in practice. Increasingly, there are projects and companies which, for example, part of the profit is distributed among the partners, regardless of their activity.

Another option – when the company is building a centralized command and signed by you people. This is precisely the first features a completely new approaches. But in most cases – it's just the old scheme + some improvements. As if the old WHO put new wheels. Then they can go further, but a possibility still eventually fall apart. Exit here alone – you need to come up with something from scratch, and something brand new and like nothing on earth! What do you think there is a future in mlm, and how it looks? On his blog MLM business, I bring a modern approach to construction intersetevogo business.


About service Blogun, I have repeatedly mentioned. At first, as a promising, then wrote about it – not my choice. " I want to recall why it was "not my choice." I have no doubt that the service can earn a beginner "beer", and hundreds U.S. mothers Moneymaker, who has an impressive network of blogs-splogov. Just to make serious money on the service Blogun, need a certain attitude, which is not really correspond to my philosophy (or rather not even philosophy, and priorities). In a nutshell – you can only earn a number. Despite the fact that the list of proposals can be found pretty enticing sum is not so simple.

Beginner blogger, of course, no normal Money does not pay, in addition, normal sane advertiser and worthwhile blog, as a rule, do not pay good money, too. All of that service, still primarily used it as an exchange purchase and sale references. Who besides links need more traffic and PR, he will buy sentry or sponsorship on a certain blog. This can not affect prices. If you illustrate that "the fingers" (abstract figures, but I hope it will be clear what I mean), With a budget of $ 500 will buy the advertiser a better rating than 250 references, 20 slightly more fat for the same money. In addition, the service is already quite evolved – notably that on a fairly large supply and demand. It's not even important that more – demand or supply, because both inevitably leads to lower prices.

Yandex Direct

Today it is hard to find someone who would not know what network marketing and the Internet. Earlier, in the 20 century, it was a business opportunity, the dream of many people! The essence was only to build its business structure is usually methods of working with people: handing out leaflets on the streets, pasting ads, conducting polls, presentations, etc. Some could be realized in this business, some do not. Just want to note that the second was much more! Why are these people soon leave this wonderful business? What it lacked? It would seem that here is a clear statement of success, that's business plan, here's your career – a sin not to work! But this is not enough to implement in this kind of activity because of one big reason – failure. People were afraid of them the most. Fear of failure to obtain the cooperation of their close friends, relatives and acquaintances.

His head was clearly a question: "What do they think of me?". This was an obstacle for many people, through which they could not cross. This went on for over 50 years. Until people started to realize the full power of the Internet. Let's briefly analyze what we can help the Internet in their daily work hitter. r says on the issue. Leaflets, ads, polls, presentations – it's the same advertising your business and offer to join your team. With the advent of the Internet, this need disappeared, and now it is very easy to give low-cost advertising campaign on the service Yandex Direct, which will direct people to your online presentation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.