The security has so much to do with takes hold in highway like with the protection. And in this sense, the SEAT Altea goes ahead to those of their class. This must to its back axis multiarm and to the program of electronic stability (ESP), that is connected with the control system of the traction (TCS). The last version of the TCS has its sensors in the system of anti-block braking (ABS) that it avoids that the wheels skid at high or low speeds. This combination, simply, causes that the bad highways become good. In addition, speaking of brakes, the SEAT Altea comes with the attendance of emergencia braking (EBA) that maximizes the power of braking in the smaller time available and ignites the emergencia lights according to the effective diminution of the speed. At the same time, the inner rear-view mirror with a device has been equipped antiglare that it will avoid that the lights of the cars that go behind they blind to you.

It is to mention that to the SEAT Altea the maximum valuation of security of the NCAP has been granted him, five stars. Six airbags come from series, and also you have the option of airbags in the lateral back seats around the thorax. And if you have or you want to have family, the ISOFIX comes from series, which means that the seat of your children to the chassis can be hooked directly; something that him it has allowed the SEAT Altea to receive four stars in the test of security for infantile occupants. And, finally, this car has obtained the possible maximum score in security in pedestrians. The versatility would not be used for anything without the yield, and the SEAT Altea has the necessary thing for drtelo. To its conduction, already of in case sport, we added something to him of sharp extra like the famous direct gear box (DSG) of 7 speeds that, thanks to the controls mounted in the steering wheel, allow to change you of march in a fraction of second.

Also you have the answer of dynamic direction (DSR), an indicator of change of marches so that you can obtain the best yield of your SEAT Altea you feel as you feel; and, by all means, also accounts with Common engineering Rail, that will cause that your trip is more efficient and still more calm. In addition, the control of cruise, the diesel particle filter (DPF) and the assistant of slope starting are combined to create a car that offers as great yield as its space interior. What would be the life without some surprises? Pleasant, by all means. Like the new steering wheel multifunction with integrated and improved Bluetooth, that includes an agenda function. Like the new group of instruments with new and attractive white graphs. Like the new positioning system with touch screen, that includes a groove for cards SD and a screen in color. Naturally, everything is compatible with your iPod, MP3 and apparatuses USB. After all, we cannot anticipate what music you like. Original author and source of the article