Improve Health

Senecca said that the world is composed of givers and the receivers, where they are eating better but those who are sleeping better. At some point in our lives we have all received either money for our service, baby, satisfactions and disappointments, but we have been thinking as we receive it?. Some people get forced with disdain and some people do it with generosity. This generosity is the quality that will guide us when we give rather than receive a memento because all we have given in different occasions and for different reasons, more than others or less than or equal to otros.Damos other love, understanding, comfort, patience , favors, resignation, work, opportunities, and more. You felt happy when you give without expecting anything in return? Let us remember that generosity causes satisfaction. Now I ask you: Are you really happy?.

and what you want out of life?. They are very simple but difisiles questions to answer, especially when there is no clearly defined goals. Only we can predict our own future a secret I want to give you the first task whether it is You with love and respect and will attract people who will show love and respect When you feel bad with itself complete and you are not satisfied and therefore we have nothing to give others. When you’re happy to give to others would be easy and natural. Focus on the qualities that you have and the qualities of others, not focus on complaints as unpleasant but the strengths Making a friend is a grace. Having a friend is a gift. Keeping a friend is a virtue. Being your friend is an Honor.