Small Start For Big Dreams

Equipment for the age – there are only three ways to be financially independent…… someday: save, save, save! You think if you earn more, you’d be wealthy? Nonsense! You are wealthy not by the money that you are taking, but only by the money you don’t spend. Saving is not cool and no fun? Also nonsense! You probably have the correct target and certainly not the right reasons, to achieve it. You remember? You had a very special wish as a child and have really saved money each. Every adult you have told and tried to involve him – in your “savings”fever.

And remember how proud you were, when they had actually made it? Can you not save? And thus to know that the banks still never just how gravy as it had never been the banking crisis. Interest rate reductions passed on to savers now, borrowers, the different looks. Who overstays his or her account will pay up to 20% Interest. What individuals cannot do is capable of a community often. Save with a registered cooperative means safe investment in turbulent times.

And often, their savings are significantly better than those of established money houses, such as the magazine”in one of their last editions reported. Even with a small money”, an interesting asset can be saved to with patience. No magic and no sorcery just the compound interest effect. So, for example, the registered cooperative offers also the participation in individual monthly AVG EC (equipment and precautionary advice cooperative) a Sofortbeteiligung in the form of a one-off payment. This leads to an investment of EUR 12,000 at a savings plan of EUR 100 per month after ten years. The asset at this time is appropriate dividend yield, for example, at EUR 20,000 and after 15 years, without any additional deposit or withdrawn, at about 95,000 EUR. Tip: Pay any overdraft interest rates by up to 20% at your bank. Rather implement an interesting Dividend yield at a cooperative. About the plant and precautionary advice cooperative EC the purpose of AVG plant and precautionary advice cooperative EC is the economic promotion and support of the members. The object of the company is advising the members in all financial matters and the most profitable investment of the business assets of the members taking advantage of the benefits resulting from the merger as a cooperative. The cooperative can take over all in the area of finance, the system of business assets and the advice of the members tasks, insofar as it is not subject to authorisation of the banking. It has in particular the tasks to achieve price advantages for the members of the Association to a cooperative, as well as the Community system of capital, the support and advice of members in relation to the investment of capital and the development of financing schemes and optimization of output structures. The EC works exclusively for its own members. It lays its own capital, i.e. the business assets of its members, in the framework of its possibilities. The EC maintains no foreign capital. It is determined only by the idea of self-determination and the democratic rules of the cooperative law. Contact: AVG plant and precautionary advice cooperative EC contact: Andreas Laing Menzelstrasse 14 14467 Potsdam 0331 7017777