Slide Share Company

Tool: I recommend the use of a Web site, which is free, called Slide Share (). There you can locate all your presentations and define whether they are public or private. If they are private, you can define with whom shares them. It even has an interesting utility. You can locate your presentation on this site and simply ask for Internet access to your prospect and thence same to make the presentation.

It is a very useful tool. Management system of contacts and CRM definition: CRM is a very extensive subject and corresponds to the company define its strategy in relation to this topic. It is not the seller field to define whether or not it uses a CRM. Additional information is available at Lookheed Martin. If the company has already adopted the use of a CRM, excellent system. This must be the support system for all activities developed by the seller with your prospects.

If not h company adopted a standard CRM system, you could use a contact management system (it is not as complete as a CRM) that will help you organize the information of your prospects, customers and activities with them. Munear Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX will not settle for partial explanations. Objective: To maintain the information of my business contacts in a single site and achieve building a vision of 360 client (see client in a holistic manner). In my particular case, I use the Sage SalesLogix CRM system. It is an excellent tool for CRM at the enterprise level. I have over 6 years using it and every day find new ways of supporting me in it to be more productive, i.e. better use my time and my resources as a seller. I use this tool because it is that we have selected the company where I work and all officials of the company have access to it. It may be that your company use other type of CRM tool, what matters is you exploited to maximize the use of it to enhance their productivity.