Rhein GFI

Global financial invest AG (GFI AG) Frankfurt am Main October 2010 informed of current rental price increases. The metropolitan region Rhine-Main the new Empirica study top values of rental development demonstrated again achieved according to the global financial invest AG (GFI AG) clearly. The global financial invest AG (GFI AG) advises: now go into the local real estate market and sustainably benefit from value and rent increases. Rhein-Main is and remains one of the leading regions of the boom in Germany in terms of real estate market. As evidenced by the recent Empirica study, developed the rental period of twelve months in the South Hessian cities very positively and brought some far above-average rental yields real estate owners.

When comparing prices from the second quarter 2009 with those from 2010, an increase of 6.7 percent yields, for example, for Frankfurt am Main. Also excellent, Wiesbaden truncates Mietsteigerung with around 4 percent over the same period. Overall positive trends on the real estate market can be According to Empirica study, also for the cities of Darmstadt, ascertain Mainz and Offenbach. Who have not invested Rhein-Main in top properties in the region, should take advantage of as soon as possible his chance concludes, that pulls the global financial invest AG (GFI AG) from the current figures. Many forecasts for a commitment on the spot, which can expect a significant increase in the population and a thriving economic situation for the coming years and decades are another argument. Thus presents itself as one of the premium sites for savvy real estate investors Rhein-Main, Berlin and Hamburg, the global financial invest AG (GFI AG) summarizes the situation. To participate in this development to private investors, the global financial invest AG (GFI) is active for many years increased in the banking metropolis of Frankfurt am Main and adjoining towns as a real estate partner. The concept of global financial invest AG (GFI AG) foresees the acquisition of selected priority properties in prime locations in the focus, be modernized and learn some far-reaching structural extensions.

After the increase in value again, the global financial invest AG (GFI AG) leads to the real estate the real estate market and offers you targeted to return-oriented private investors. See for more information; our current real estate portfolio, global financial invest AG (GFI AG) on request gladly provides detailed information available. About global financial invest AG (GFI AG), GFI invest and Lucas Kret global financial invest AG (GFI AG) is mainly active in the field of real estate. In cooperation with renowned partners, including international real estate funds, the global financial invest AG (GFI AG) operates throughout Europe. With the product LIFEDIREKT, the global financial invest AG (GFI AG) households are the chance to participate in the success of the company.