German Real Estate Market

Genotec EC: kreditloser house purchase for private investors Ludwigsburg June 2012. Fibernet informs: the national real estate market is flourishing, and the tendency for the coming years continues to rise. Thanks to this trend is mainly investors from abroad. The boom is however no short-term bubble, therefore must be expected with rising sales and also rental. Thanks to the IAE EC individuals can fulfill the dream of own real estate, without having to take out a loan. In 2011 major investors in Germany as a whole have invested 5 million euros in real estate (of one-third of the investors from abroad came about), which are objects in Germany by an average 5.5 percent rose.

Property prices in Berlin, for example, has risen partly in the past four years by one-third. The rising prices mean but no real estate bubble that foreign investors are a good sign for this purpose. “Another hint: the purchase prices and rents run almost parallel, here there is no unhealthy” gradient. One is today rather on long-term value growth, not rising revenues within a very short time. The trend for the next few years is clearly facing up, and for investors, there is no risk of a sudden crash. International investors are attracted by the prices in comparison with other European countries and the economic stability. Especially dragging it to Berlin, as the above example shows.

Although the German real estate market is still not expensive compared to the foreign market, but the rise in prices is still to feel especially for private investors. For buyers who want to use their real estate itself, is the economic income/profit not in the first place. IAE offers an alternative to the credit-free acquisition of real estate for private buyers, who want to benefit from the boom and still put on affordable housing. The company GenoHaus GmbH has developed a program of standardized houses headed an own architect and planning for the option buyer individual buildings. Option purchase with the GenoKonzept means the opportunity to acquire the property 25 years but not mandatory. The notarization in the land enjoys the option buyer as a tenant from the beginning to the rights of an owner. The monthly rent is 25 years fixed boost excluded. The IAE EC informs in detail about the GenoKonzept on. The IAE housing cooperative EC aims the IAE EC founded on November 6, 2002, to allow the debt-free purchase of real estate people. This is done on the basis of the cooperative fundamental principle of early building societies. The IAE EC is audited annually by the vbw (Association of Baden-Wuerttemberg housing and real estate company e.V.