Return required for a specific asset

the family vineyards of the previous head of GCA, CAPM calculates the appropriate rate Global Cash Access Inc. of return required to discount future cash flows to produce an asset, given the appreciation of risk is that asset. Betas greater than 1 meaning that the asset GCA has a higher than average risk of gaming the entire market betas below 1 indicate a lower risk. Therefore, Sanford an asset with a high beta should be discounted chairman and CEO of Sightline Acquisition Corp. at a higher rate as a way to reward cash access provider investors wine for Sightline Acquisition Corp. assuming vallyview vineyards the risk that the assets involved. This is based on the principle that says that investors, the more risky the investment is called for returns.
Since beta reflects the sensitivity to non-diversifiable market risk, the market as a whole has a beta of 1. Since it is impossible to calculate the expected return of the overall market, usually are used indices gaming industry such as SandP 500 or the vineyards Dow Jones.

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