Hoplias malabaricus

Step by step to the making of homemade trap. Will. Jujuy – The spread of Dengue fever nearly the entire national territory shot a frantic search for ways to combat mosquitoes that transmit the disease. The recommendations of the Ministry of Health of the Nation to eliminate mosquito breeding sites and remove all types of containers that can collect water and use of repellents and insecticides, there is an electrical battery, foil containers, household devices from China and up-trap carnivorous plant seeds and mosquitoes. Binomial name
Bloch, 1794
The tararira or Moncholo (northern Colombia) Hoplias malabaricus (Bloch, 1794) belongs to the family Erythrinidae from Greek: Erythrina. The vernacular name: tararira taralila tararayra NARO pyre trahira tarahira tarei, mondiah tare hui tarango, tarucha.
The tararira is a freshwater fish, robust, cylindrical body, large mouth. As a good butcher is a powerful teeth and even has teeth on the palate. It is a kind of summer, which includes any area of dispersion from northern South America, in Brazil and Mexico to the River Plate. His sport fishing in attracting countless fishermen as predator age and violence that attacks all types of baits is truly spectacular.
Can be fished either with natural baits, artificial baits with spinning and flyfishing patterns. The usual plot sizes ranging from 5 kg to 800 ga. In the Delta of Parana charged specimens really big, especially at night where there is tarariras with up to 4 kg or more to deploy a truly amazing power.

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