Personal Customer Service

In the event we have several branches spread around the city, so that our customer can go to an establishment that is close to his work, but sometimes he goes to another that is near your home and both cases, the person serving us is aware of our personal tastes, needs, etc. Information such as client is accessible for any branch or delegation with which we work. Anyway this always so we can get if we work with a centralized database. Another separate case is the company that sells supplies to own hairdressing. In this case it’s a company that distributes to the hairdressers through a commercial network. In this case the commercial is that visit the establishment, and where before or during the visit it may be interesting to know what were the last customer orders to know where attacking the visit. At the same time, after the completion of the same you can incorporate the outcome of the visit, if we need to return to finish the sale or at what point has remained the same. One of the advantages that enables us to carry this type of programs to the cloud is able to go taking the dead time in waiting rooms while a client receives us, either to prepare the visit, either to reflect the data from a previous visit. Of this way we have to our sales force more time on the street, much less in the company or stuffing data in judging hand to send by fax to the order, something that although many may seem distant in time many companies are still using. This is an issue very useful to reflect the result of visits to new customers, thus if the visit is completed we have already entered the information, we are able to go ahead of work, to be able to review business opportunities presented to us this customer, and able to go pose as attacking his next visit, where this will occur if it is interesting for our business.