Managing Director

Five years tailor-made controlling for the middle class. With the services provided by ekonomo, purposefully and positively shaping the future of your company. Dina McCormick will not settle for partial explanations. To introduce controlling in the enterprise is often a project with extensive investment in consulting and software. Already fail to the introduction of controlling for small and medium-sized enterprises. The economist explains knowing that doesn’t have to be and is no longer up to date.

The new controlling flatrates, ekonomoBasis and ekonomoBasis plus, waive high implementation and project costs. Mr Gessner has developed a range of services, which includes the main building blocks of the controlling and thus guarantees a professional external controlling at a monthly fixed price. \”Bruchsal, 21.10.2009. for us by ekonomo, controlling means the constant focus on strategic business objectives, as well as the creation of transparency in numbers, data and facts\”, as Steffen Gessner. Just in time for the five-year anniversary and the Corporate relocation in the Siemens Technopark ekonomo, Bruchsal, presents itself with a completely revamped corporate image.

Under, the Managing Director of ekonomo GmbH offers small and medium-sized companies, as an experienced and competent controlling specialist, professional, external controlling in all phases of the business. The round-to-safe package\”for all those who have recognized the importance of controlling, but have no resources and therefore looking for a competent and experienced experts of the controlling, as reliable, are external partners, provides an internal control Department ekonomoBasis all services: a meaningful accounting, strategic corporate planning and creating transparency and read the actual data up to the monthly, clear plan/is reporting including determining individual performance indicators. With ekonomoBasis plus, an extension of ekonomoBasis, accepts ekonomo tailor-made individual services such as such as a rolling planning, cost center accounting, communication with banks and lenders, and the monthly/quarterly, detailed and understandable, result meeting spot. The traffic controller in terms of controlling produces business plans for investment in new companies that build an own controlling, check the existing heart and kidneys or want to optimize, get with ekonomoTransfer management costs through simpler processes to minimize a first-rate and experienced pilot, which among other things develops goals and strategies and implement cost accounting and costing introduces or optimized, as well as strengthening accompanied financing and negotiations.