Local Development

Term of office and Local Development in the Reality of the Cities. Flvia Hilrio Cassiano Social Assistant? UNITAU? Taubat-SP Specialist in Management of Social Politics? PUC-MG/08/09/2011 Conceituamos management as the orientation of the dynamics of an organization, that is, so that the management of determined organization, pautado in its daily activities well-are succeeded are necessary a good use of the resources human being-materials and the aiming of these resources to reach the predetermined purposes and proposals for the organization. Generally we identify in the Cities an absence first of planning of the actions that must be carried through and also the lack of availabilities of human resources and material for such actions. Also permeia the actions in the term of office the lack of continued education, diverse proposals of and innumerable conferences carried through with the participation of the society. The Cities, in general, it has its entailed purposes to the proposals of the state and federal beings, which had to the process politician-partisan finish many times at the mercy of placing the Cities of opposing realities and distant condicionalidades them really existing demands. In the majority of the cases, it does not have exit for the municipal managers, or they adhere to the verticalizado system (state and federal) of the programs and projects, or are to the edges of a possible and sudden local socioeconmico wage freeze, due to lack of respect to the sovereignty of the Cities. Understanding these ranks better it is important to stand out that the simple fact of if grouping people and resources are not enough to guarantee the effectiveness and efficiency of the resources placed for accomplishment of the works. The dimension of term of office goes very beyond the simplista idea of administrative team, this demand basically, the act to manage the team public that is in the scene of the products and services to be offered the proper financiers of social and economic politics of the country: The CITIZENS, under the optics of the world-wide conjuncture of relations and consequences.