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Jose Carlos Leon editor of the newspaper “El Dia de Cordova,” one of the most feather bustle does not die in basketball Cordova, is making the second edition of the Master of Journalism organized by the FEB, the website of the Andalusian Federation basketball tells his experiences in it: “The ULEB Cup is Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, the Euroleague, are the LEBs Friday and the weekend is the CBA, except that every day there are NBA. If you are dining at home or make a social life, to think you can dedicate to something else, but it’s exciting. ” I remember like it was today. Futbol Sala Cartagena started competing in 1993 with the name and Saez Minguez Futbol Sala. In two years, achieving promotion to the Division of silver in which, after an initial trial period, began to seek promotion to the highest level. In the 96-97 season was lost on the last climb before party Jaen FS, but the following season Minguez Saez was the champion group and amounted to Honor Division after a short play-off to FS Mostoles.
The debut in the National Football League will have room not to miss the class, and the following year and Saez Minguez Futbol Sala is ninth and remain at the gates of the play-off for the league title. In 2000 the club changed its name to sponsor and pass GMI FS Cartagena for two seasons, which is still struggling unsuccessfully to get the best.
The season 2002/2003 season was a radical change for the club, GMI FS Cartagena broke the sponsorship and the club was in danger of not being able to compete. This time a company Cartagena Medical Center Our Lady of Charity, sponsors the club with a very low budget. The season is very bad and the team plays to the stage to remain two of Silver Division teams, and Levitt Gestesa Guadalajara Las Rozas, achieving permanency in the last game against the Las Rozas Levitt.
Another summer is more fearful for the survival of the club until you get Polaris World to sponsor the team with Salvador Hernandez in the chair. The first season under the sponsorship of real estate signs can be seen as the best so far. Reinforced with players of the caliber of the best player in the world so far, the Brazilian Manoel Tobias and the arrival of his compatriot Indus. For the first time gets to play the play-off for the title and the Copa de Espana de Futbol Sala trained Sito Rivera. In the play-off title for the Polaris World Cartagena FS eliminated in two games at Martorell in quarterfinals, semifinals and had to be the Boomerang Intervi to end the dream of reaching the final. Cup in Spain futsal held in Santiago de Compostela on Polaris World Cartagena FS eliminated in quarterfinals at El Pozo Murcia with a score of 6-7, and fell on to semifinals by 3-1 castellon Beaches.
The 2004/2005 season was the arrival of large international players such as Marcelo Reis Do, Jordi Sanchez, Javier Orolar, Jordi Torras and Brazilian Leandro Simi. With expectations higher because the team improved to finish fourth in league in general. In the play-off title for the Polaris World Cartagena FS took off without problems Benicarlo, but lost the semifinal round at El Pozo Murcia without achieving any victory. Cup in Spain futsal held in Navarre, the Polaris World Cartagena FS disappoint the expectations created by falling in the quarter-finals before Azkar Lugo.
In the 2005/2006 season the team finished Tino Perez at its best historical position, ranking eighth in the 3A league regular and reaching the final in the play-off by the title, losing to ElPozo Murcia by three games to two (the first win match 3-7 and the fourth by 3-2, lost the second by 5-2, 2-3 in the third and the fifth 4-2). Brazilians Lenisio Balo and complete the team of stars that forms the template for the Polaris World Cartagena FS. Spain Cup Football Hall came to be a failure to lose again in the quarter-finals before Lobell of Santiago, which eventually would be the champion of the competition.
The 2006/2007 season was a failure in the history of the entity cartagenera. Unable to move from quarter-finals in the cup and the league, but when the team was in, lost in semifinals against the most direct rival, El Pozo Murcia. This meant that Polaris World withdraw its sponsorship, leaving the institution in the table June 12, 2007, terminated their contracts all the players.
Day July 10, after 28 days with endless future of the team in the air, the platform led by club president of a lifetime, Antonio Minguez, called “Save the Futbol Sala Cartagena” announces the continuation of a team in Division de Honor, with a budget lower than the previous and players. The team changed the name to Futsal Cartagena, the shield and the kit and set goals of having a transitional year and to keep the category.
Day August 23, 2007 was presented to Muebles Tuco as the new sponsor of Futsal Cartagena for the season 2007/2008. The team officially became known as Tuco Muebles FS Cartagena following with the same shield and kit. Finished the season in a noble position, but with pain until the last day after many financial difficulties during the season.

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