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The economic agenda under the program of development was thought initially to focus on short-term measures aimed at maintaining economic loss is so widespread that it could make a long-term economic agenda. That approach has since become a stimulus plan in the longer term, to create 2.5 million jobs over a period of two years. At a cost of 700 to 800 billion stimulus plan would cost more than quarter of a million dollars per job created (by dividing 750 billion by 2500000 produced a gain of 300,000). Not However, in a nationally televised interview on December 7, 2008, acknowledged that his agenda had changed in recent months and that the stimulus package in the short term was first priority. he wants to emphasize the creation of infrastructure projects to create new jobs quickly. Barack Obama said he hoped to sign the stimulus package to pass a law shortly after taking office on January 20, 2009.
The most important concern was the Obama of a proposed economic stimulus Some congressional Democrats have championed. Like previous stimulus packages, the current proposal is demand (Keynesian) in nature. However, probably consists in increasing the funding of unemployment insurance, the Food Stamp Program and infrastructure projects instead of tax breaks. In fact, Obama says it is planning “the largest infrastructure program in roads and bridges and other infrastructure construction from the traditional system of federal highways in the 1950s. ” However, is also stressing his plans to” enverdizar “the federal government by updating the heating and lighting systems for federal buildings, as well as major investments in technology initiatives such as electronic medical record agents, improvement in the use of computers in schools, and the universal availability of broadband.
It is also considering additional funds for Medicaid. A bill similar stimulus was passed by the House of Representatives on September 26 2008 but was never approved by the Senate. Obama is committed to promoting a bill to encourage the start of his presidency, if is not approved before its inauguration on January 20, 2009. In addition, Obama is considering the request of the U.S. for the infusion of 50 million for the automotive industry, in addition to the 25 million already approved, but stressed that their support is “subject to them making significant adjustments.”
Obama is also expected to boost a program to spend 150 billion in more than 10 years to develop new sources of renewable energy. This money would also be used to encourage energy conservation and help develop the automotive industry into new types of fuel. However, the magazine Mother Jones reported that the tax benefits of the oil companies that I quote often during the campaign was removed from the agenda.
According to the website of the transition, Obama also hopes to rekindle the volunteer through the expansion of AmeriCorps and the Peace Corps, and also the creation of a new body classes. Residents of New York have green choices for energy with a great way to save money on utility bills. Among the volunteers were informed of the Health Corps, Clean Energy Corps, and a corps of veterans. The primary and secondary students will be asked to do 50 hours of community service per year. Students will be eligible to receive 4000 in tax credits for tuition, in exchange for community service. It also plans to improve the volunteer programs aimed at seniors.

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