Employee training and awareness for privacy as e-learning Augsburg, 19.06.2012. Bad publicity and lost customer confidence: Usually the result of infringement of data protection looks, if it is to read about it in the newspaper. This can occur still fines and other penalties. Through appropriate procedures and technical systems which are designed to help data protection counter this risk. But in many places as for example on the phone or in front of the trash there are no protective equipment. Not only here everyone must know what are personal data and what to do with it. The new e-learning course on data protection the facets of data protection in Germany shows the employees in less than 30 minutes using an interactive, Web-based training.

Numerous video clips make the course interesting and alive. Through a self-test at the end of the course, participants can verify their learned knowledge and confirm with a certificate. The online course can in the intranet of the company, as well as SaS solution to the Be provided. Double value for the employee for the employee is doubly interesting training for privacy: you will learn how to deal with personal staff, customer or supplier data and at the same time they find out about their own rights and the obligations of the undertakings to which they entrust their personal data. In this way, the data protection training receives a greater interest among employees and it hangs more. Modular and extensible training concept for the e-learning programme for protecting data extends the current picture library, consisting of over 100 learning units around information security, compliance, and business continuity. Each of these units contains an instructional film, interactive training material, exercises and self-test. Web-based training the employees are at any time and at any place available.

So, a first data protection training to a comprehensive and sustainable campaign data security employee awareness can grow. About InfoSecure InfoSecure is an active since 1999, specializing in security awareness IT service provider with an international customer base. The European company’s headquarters is located in the Netherlands. Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom and Scandinavia are looked after with its own branches. In many other countries, such as for example the Switzerland, France, Croatia, China, Japan, and Canada, InfoSecure is represented by partner. As one of the leading providers for awareness & training programs in the fields of information security, data protection, business continuity and compliance, InfoSecure offers international companies, wholesale and also medium-sized companies, modularized training and awareness programs that can be put together individually from an extensive topic library.