Human Development

Carlos Mora vanegas is a serious responsibility for entire country be vigilant, attentive, proactive in the way how should encourage policies, actions and plans that enable significantly contribute to human development of its inhabitants. Venezuela our case, should arrogate more to encourage educational, social, cultural, health plans that favour those who live in the country without discrimination of classes, offer service more proactive with quality, excellence, not with improvisation and discrimination, which favours all. The Government should be more vigilant in monitoring results of their plans that involve all the aspects that would optimize human development that the country requires and more when the national Government proclaims its commitment to a socialism that principle should favor to all within the ethics, morality, commitment with favorable results. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) points out, that the well-being of people depends not only on the amount of goods that you have or receive conceived it as a vision of economic development, but also needs satisfied in regard to access to health, education and the respect of their fundamental rights. These variables make up the concept of human development (DH), whose origin is due in large part to the collaboration of economists Mahbud ul Hag and Amartya Sen (Nobel Prize in 1998).

It reminds us of UNDP defines human development in its 1990 report as the process in which expands the opportunities of human beings. In principle, these opportunities can be infinite and change over time. However, at all levels of development, the three most essential are: enjoy a long and healthy life, to acquire knowledge and to have access to the resources needed to achieve a decent standard of living. Highlights in this concept that the real wealth of a nation is its people. The basic objective of development is to create an enabling environment for human beings to enjoy a long, healthy and creative life.