Healthy Mind and Daily Exercise Helps to Lose Weight

How to lose those 10 kilos that bother us, slim 10 kilos a project seems uphill. We constantly repeat down 10 kilos! But think of an exercise routine we created a great exhaustion without even starting. This article will surprise you, and you will motivate and start your exercise routine. Here, I present the latest research done on the benefits of exercise for you and your life in general. One of the most amazing research that can be found on the effect of exercise in humans are those made by Dr. At patrick mahomes you will find additional information. Ratey psychiatrist and professor at Harvard University. For more information see Reshma Kewalramani. He has shown that exercise is beneficial not only for the body, but also found the exercises and continuous motion, positively affect self-esteem, depression and disposal in our state of mind, generating a great deal of good humor.

In his book The Users Guide to the Brain, Dr. Ratey reveals how a workout can change the levels of dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine in the brain chemical responsible for our mood, our ability to keep the memories, memory and control of our daily sleep. We have always believed that only exercise of high level of effort are responsible for the production of endorphins at the same time will generate in us a feeling of euphoria maximum. But the most interesting thing revealed by investigations of Dr. Ratey is that it takes 10 minutes a day for your brain to receive the benefits immediately. a “is that the brain changes after only 10 minutes of daily physical exercise. If you are wondering at this point which exercises are most suitable for you? Exercise just running, walking, jumping rope, but follow a plan.

An exercise program may depend on what most appeals to you. For example, aerobic exercise helps weight loss very quickly and increase the level of your heart condition. Obviously, depending on the type of exercise will vary results. Aerobics generate a manifestation of positive energy, increase strength, endurance, improve mood, creativity, substantially eliminate fatigue, mood and depression. Also, daily aerobic exercise, lower levels of anxiety, increases oxygenation of the brain which creates a positive effect both physically and mentally. Moreover the non-aerobic exercise such as weightlifting routines are equally beneficial and positive for our brains, making us more intelligent. An exercise program makes our brain healthy actually participating in the growth of nerve cells. There are different types of exercises that help us to concentration, such as martial arts and extreme sports in which coordination and concentration are vital. These two strands and directly influence the growth of brain connections. But do not panic! Not necessarily have to choose an extreme sport, there are other ways to achieve these levels of concentration and brain connection. Yoga, Tai Chi Chuan, Aikido is one of those tracks. These specials change significantly and beneficially humor. They create a high level of satisfaction in daily life, eliminating the aggressive and violent impulses. In short, the man was born to move and exercise makes your brain work more and more. Being on the move and practice any type of exercise every day will provide happiness, health and become a more intelligent and prepared to learn and meet everyday.