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Of your own shield for the private risks the global debt problem increasing in the protection of private property and of pensions. An individual analysis of the personal asset structure is strongly recommended. Primarily investments in money values such as government bonds and life insurance policies, which were so far as safe harbours, are today increasingly seen as risky. Classic German insurers, for example, the value of money or bonds share average is about 80%. Property vs.

non-monetary asset structure should have a new environment customized distribution of investments. A higher weighting of assets – high-quality stocks of globally active companies, commodities, and precious metals (physically deposited or as direct investment) is recommended. Liechtenstein insurance solutions with depot in Liechtenstein or Switzerland Steuerkonforme life or annuities from Liechtenstein allow your wealth international you on the one hand to diversify, on the other hand offer unique structuring options for your individual assets, retirement and estate planning, as well as the famous tax advantages. Precious metals and monetary policies of Liechtenstein the possibilities of physical precious metal investments, as well as the flexibility of Fund or ETF investments bring the investor benefits. A wide range of insurance solutions of from different suppliers with investment opportunities in precious metals and property of Liechtenstein Versicherungsmakler PMS AG provides customers with increased security requirements. Investment strategy of precious metals & Swiss franc cost-efficient asset management from 100.000,-with investment in physical gold and silver (stripe tape storage), as well as Swiss francs in individual deposit in the Switzerland. A physical thing payment possibility. Individual asset protection the precious metal investment (E.g.

physically affordable Swiss precious metals ETFs or special fund of precious metals from Liechtenstein secured,) can with all the EU/EEA States to the public distribution of approved funds or ETFs to a portfolio of individually optimized asset protection can be combined. Advantage: A gradual portfolio construction is modified conditions possible and also quickly if necessary. Policies from 50.000,-a single premium. “Capital protection real value police this also by the magazine capital protection-confidential” recommended police allows from a single premium of 20.000,-a free combination possibility of real value investments (Liechtenstein precious metal funds, E.g. SafePort) forecast-free trend follow-up investments. Asset protection savings plan of precious metal Fund can also in part of a savings plan (from 100,-PM) be drawn. Diversification is a high-quality selection of equity funds and mixed funds (Ethna, Carmignac, fidelity, Templeton and others) as well as more than 30 ETFs of Deutsche Bank, as well as Black Rock available. No front-end. You get supplementary information, individual advice and offers directly at the PMS AG.