At sea, the marina has 595 berths divided between four docks, outside ports (90 seats), darsena interior (121 seats), dock fomentin (186 seats), darsena-building (190 seats), and the pier waiting (8 seats). Tethers are shots of water and electricity (220 V, 6 or 15 A). The maximum draft is 3.5 m. In the BOE number 48, February 25, 2006, published in the February 20 resolution of the Port Authority of Gijon laying makes the administrative concession granted to the UTE Maritimo S. Astur Favila L.-thermal insulation in Galicia (AIST) S. A. for the management of berths of the Marina Gijon for 20 years. It is expected that the company expanded the space available, especially for boats in transit, which is situated at the outside ports, which are inadequate to the demand, especially from foreign-flagged yachts.
On land, it offers weather service, radio (VHF Channel 9), public telephones and fax, and projection hall, exhibition hall, showers and toilets, ice, mail delivery service to boats in transit, and jet fuel (super petrol and diesel). There are various concessions for the exploitation of other services such as workshops and slipway, the company awarded the Principality of Motona tica SL, with Travel-lift itself up to 35 tons., Toro for 3.5-ton craft. And a invernaje for ship repair and boat stranded on the esplanade of the dock building.

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