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The Civil College is the birthplace of Maximum House of Studies in Nuevo Leon, La Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon. This space was created 150 years ago by Raul Rangel Frias
Background of Higher Education 1701 – 1800
With the discovery of America 1492 also began the evangelization of the natural world again. From the sixteenth century with the Spanish colonizers arrived Franciscan friars, Dominicans and Augustinians direct teaching, using images, painting, catechisms with drawings instead of words, dance, theater and music, plus arts and crafts to teach and found and boarding schools for Indians.
III In 1585 the council banned the Mexican Indians was ordained as priests, so many of them it was impossible to conduct advanced studies. Sin embargo, algunos llegaron a la universidad de Mexico para estudiar filosofia, gramatica latina, derecho y medicina, ya que esa institucion, fundada en 1551 estaba reservada para espanoles e indigenas nobles.
Andalusia consummate the orientation independence of higher education change. In some regions of the country were established literary and scientific institutions whose major contribution was the creation of new careers and the teaching of certain bacteria, themes, physics, chemistry, surgery, mineralogy, drawings and fine art, which formed the basis for granting degrees be professional surveyor or surveyor, engineer or optional in mine.
Secular liberalism and Higher Education 1801 – 1850
Consummate the independence the country went through difficult years of economic and political instability. In the mid-nineteenth century Mexico was divided by two opposing parties: the Conservative Party and the Liberal Party.
The Conservative Party was composed of wealthy merchants, landowners and members of the army or the church struggling to name a European prince to choose the destiny of the country again. The Liberal Party was represented by educated men with higher education but of modest means who demanded a democratic government, and liberal reformists.
The triumph of liberals led by President Benito Juarez of the constituent congress held that established a democratic republic keeping the church out of the affairs of government and control of education. In this environment, reformers created schools and institutes of civil science and art that expanded educational opportunities, especially for the poor.
Creacion school calendar 1851 – 1860
In 1857 Santiago Vidaurri, governor of the state Napoleon, introduced the Congress a proposal to create the school calendar, for 1959 start of their academic school and secondary schools of jurisprudence and medicine, surgery, using the bishop’s house as temporary headquarters. Its first director was a graduate of Jesus Davila and Jose Prieto and the first pupil Antonio Maria Elizondo off the amount of two pesos for his registration.
In 1857 the school calendar is now installed in the streets of Morelos and Zaragoza.
In 1860 the hospital was founded at the behest of Dr. Jose Eleuterio Gonzalez.
Directors of school calendar
The school calendar
In 1702 Father Jer nimo L pez Prieto asked the governor of New Kingdom of Leon, Juan Francisco Vergara, thanks to a block of land to build a chapel to St. Francis Xavier College and a Placido Monterrey d be served by priests oblates dedicated to education.
The following year he taught the first professorship of philosophy and grammar, and they set the foundations of the first school in northern New Spain. Teachers founders such studies were the clergy of the bishopric of Guadalajara and the reality of Juan Antonio Jimenez. In 1714 Father Jer nimo L pez Prieto based school at the Sacred of Jesus.
A financial donation from the Dona Leonor Gomez de Castro in 1767, a school, which operated for 20 years and who were educated at the prominent nuevoleoneses, Servando Teresa de Mier, among others.
In the year 1824 set up the first Chair law: civil, civil and canonical, the seminar taught by reconciling the metropolitan city of Monterrey.
Two years later the governor of Nuevo Leon, Jose Maria Paras, the first decrees of the state education law and the new Leon Congress enacted the decree of the state to grant degrees.
Between 1826 and 1834 establishing the professorship of medicine in Monterrey, in charge of medical and Constanza Pascual teaches pharmacy from the doctor Jose Eleuterio Gonzalez. Its first graduates were the pioneers in their field of Nuevo Leon, Coahuila, Tamaulipas and Texas.
In 1857 Santiago Vidaurri, governor of Nuevo Leon, Congress introduced the proposal for the creation of the school calendar for 1959 and start their academic secondary school and schools of jurisprudence and medicine using surgical episcopal house as temporary headquarters.
But until 1870, the month in October, when the building was formally inaugurated the school calendar with the official discourse of its third director, the doctor Jose Eleuterio Gonzalez.
Foundation School calendar 1861 – 1870
In 1864 the school calendar that moves the Zaragoza and Ocampo. Weather forecast updated and anywhere in Latin America and Spain … for the climate, the weather in your country, state, …
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