Employee Satisfaction

Employee satisfaction has weakened again in the summer months. The results of measuring employee satisfaction in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland on the portal for employers reviews now nineteenth jobvoting.de according to the satisfaction of employees with their profession and employer when compared to the previous quarter slowed down slightly. Munear Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Thus the seasonal influence has been confirmed once again that employee satisfaction tends to be goes back in the summer months then in the fall / winter to increase again. The results are grouped in a continuously updated trend analysis together and for two years now, now every quarter on Jobvoting released. In the second quarter of 2013 gave 21% (prior quarter 17%) of a total of 559 respondents indicating that they are very satisfied with their current work situation. Another 20% (prior quarter 26%) of respondents confirmed that they are currently quite satisfied with their jobs. Taken together 41% are so (previous quarter 43%) of workers, a high- exhibit a very high level of satisfaction. So as already in the previous year, seasonally lower values are measured during the summer time.

In Q2 2012, there were also 41% of those surveyed as a whole were as satisfied with their situation at the workplace. Even a year earlier in Q2 2011 there were only 38%. As an average 15% declared the respondents in the current survey (it was still 10% in the previous quarter). For 20% (in the previous quarter 17%) their situation at work is not satisfactory. Add 21% come again (previous quarter 30%) of the respondents, who are very unhappy with their job. So, there are a total 41% of employees in Germany, Austria and of Switzerland, who would want an improvement in their working and professional environment. Rose has this value as compared to the previous quarter to six percentage points.