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eBay auction for a good cause – bought Andreas Stockmann for 24 hours of geilenkirchen, 28.11.2012 often raised money Andreas Stockmann for charitable purposes. Whether for kindergartens, help clubs or workshops, is it important that the money arrives. And as much as possible!”says the martial arts expert. This time, support the agencies of Creativ-texting and communifair doing so be attentive enough people on the action and with increase sharply if hawks are Stockmann on eBay. I’m full 24 hours available to the highest bidder. If I move help, renovating a house or take care of the children is I couldn’t care less. I want to help just.” So a decent amount together, Nicola Dulks has the Agency Creativ texting both called the Facebook presence (www.facebook.com/ Stockmann24) as well as the blog of the campaign (www.stockmann24.de) responsible and constantly fed with information. So many fans on Facebook on the action become aware, Daniel is Hamdan has been picked up by communifair for the online press work in the boat.

Mrs Dulks has called me and asked whether I would like to do. It was not a question for me, because the project is very interesting. Alone, the two clubs, which supports this, Stockmann have impressed immediately”, explains his enthusiasm for the work on the so-called project of E. who supports Stockmann Heinen? kommhelp e.V. allows promotion of communicative opportunities of disabled people disabled people who work with computers, so that they can better in social life can take part. CS red anchor supports Hospice Rennweg, accompanied and looked after terminally ill people in their past way of life and helps also the families through the difficult time. If you look, what do the two clubs for a great job, you must support simply it”, says Nicola Dulks, and also so much fun, because Andreas Stockmann with his enthusiasm to help so contagious.” Offers for 24 hours Andreas Stockmann and for a good cause.

The auction on eBay (www.ebay.de/…) runs until 1:29 on December 8. Andreas Stockmann want naturally as possible so much money both clubs. For this reason should be given properly. Certainly some fellow bidders from a certain amount will say that it is now too expensive to them”, Daniel Heinen says by communifair, but also that we have thought about something. It also small direct donations for the action can be made.” And Nicola Dulks of Creativ texting adds: ultimately we want to enable everyone who wants to help, this also. Even a euro helps people, for whom the clubs care.” If you need suggestions now, what he or she can do everything with Andreas Stockmann, finds this on Facebook (www.facebook.com/ Stockmann24). Portrait: the young, creative and dynamic agency that tailors your company the best communication campaign on the body is communifair. Whether start-ups or new customer acquisition, whether Social media or a classic print campaign. We deliver high-quality services for your money, because communifair stands for fair communication.