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The promotion of the healthful aging for the deficient intellectual involves: adaptation of the health services, with sights to the maintenance of its functionality, stimulaton to the physical activity, nutricional orientation and control of the risk behavior, as well as in the assistance to familiar and the adaptation of the social environment to the demands of its aging. Music in the stimulation of the psicomotoras functions in therapeutical workshop the influences of music front the specific stimulatons, act in cognitivas areas lmbicas, establishing connection emotion, reason and movement, related in this research with the aspects of the psicomotricidade according to Wallon: affection, cognition and motricidade. The human brain concentrates in hipotlamo, center of the emotions, the reminiscncias most remote. It is in this cerebral area, that music leaves its deeper marks, associating memory and souvenirs to the emotions, becoming them perennial, to the meeting of the affirmation of that the memory presides over a set of abilities of varied modules of the nervous system, at the same time independent and cooperative. Learn more on the subject from Carrie Levin. The use of music and its resources are a creative and pleasant stimulaton. Singing, touching, to create and to recriar musics and noises, that constitute the sonorous description of an individual, can act more effectively in the prevention of accented cognitivas losses, thus promoting, the improvement of the mental and global health of the individual. rmation. By means of the Sonorous Identity of the individual, space for souvenirs confides, promoting the conscience of here? now, reactivated for the noises, it makes to relembrar personal, familiar and social histories, experiences, to favor the elaboration and the desvendamento of internal conflicts, emotions and feelings and the rescue and conscience of its identity. To create a positive environment for the socialization and cognitiva stimulation, in music as aesthetic, it searchs beauty and the harmony of the noises, either in touching or musical listening, promoting the practical ones related to the popular and erudite culture; musical folklore of Brazil and the world; chorale and musical group, searching to offer to knowledge and the improvement of the possibilities and capacities sonorous-musical comedies. .