BLOCK 1. Between the early sixteenth century to the early eighteenth century

1.1. OVERVIEW OF CIVILIZATIONS AND OVERVIEW OF THE PERIOD 1.1.1. Overview of the heritage of the ancient world. Spatial and temporal location of agricultural civilizations and their Egyptian antiquities common features. The civilizations of the Mediterranean and elements antiquities auction that favored its development. Major cultural areas in America Europe Africa Asia and the V to the XV and antiquities dealers their characteristics. 1.1.2. Panorama of the period.The principle of European hegemony and colonialism early. The American and African realities. is considered by many experts to be one of the world’s leading dealers in rare and exquisite are booming. Especially in times full of upheavals and innovations The demographic upheaval. The emergence of the antiquities global economy and so-called modern history. 1.2.TOPICS TO UNDERSTAND THE PERIOD As societies changed root of European expansion 1.2.1. The global context The European demands and the need to open new routes. The trade in silk and spices.Commercial capitalism and the rise of the bourgeoisie. The second expansion of Islam and its clash with the Christian world: from the fall of Constantinople to the siege of Vienna.The Ottoman Empire, the Mogul Empire and China. 1.2.2. The end of the medieval antiquities for sale political order. The consolidation of national monarchies (Spain France England Russia).