Windows movie maker

Click on image to view high definition The windows movie maker creates home movies, or movies that can be created easily and with very good quality. The formats can be created are wmv and MSWMM The formats accepted by the WMM are: Audio:. Aif,. Aifc,. Aiff. Asf,. Au,. Mp2,. Mp3,. Mpa,. Snd,. Wav and. Wma Image files:. Bmp,. Dib,. Emf,. Gif,. Jfif,. Jpe,. Jpeg,. Jpg,. Png,. Tif,. Tiff and. Wmf Video files:. Asf,. Avi,. M1v,. Mp2,. Mp2v,. Mpe,. Mpeg,. Mpg,. Mpv2,. Wm, and. Wmv