Wikipedia is not a publisher of original thought

Wikipedia is not a place to headquarters post your own thoughts senate or analysis. This type of work and unpublished primary source can stay on Wikibooks.
Primary or original source. Included here proposed theories and solutions, original ideas, definitions of terms, coined new words, etc.. See Wikipedia is not a primary source. If you have done primary research, publishes its findings in other places, such as magazines and kerry other views print media with peer review or respected sites online. Wikipedia disclosed that job abortion once a conservative part of accepted human republicans knowledge. Not all the information added to Wikipedia has to be gone through peer review journals, but election make sure the information is reliable and verifiable. For platform example, to cite a george bush book, half printed or other reliable online resource that shows the material is verifiable and is not simply the opinion of the editor.
Original inventions. elephant If the word xzoxFof or invent a new type vote of dance that is not material for an republican article until a parties secondary source on this.
Critical reviews. Biographies and articles liberal about the art work must platforms be encyclopedic. Of course, the critical analysis of art is welcome, if grounded in direct observations of outside parties. See also Section 5.
Personal essays or blogs that expose your opinions on a subject. Wikipedia compile human knowledge should not be a vehicle to convert the personal opinions of human knowledge. In congress unusual situations where voter the views of a single individual are important enough to discuss, it is preferable to let other people write about them. Personal Test Wikipedia-related topics are welcome at Target.
Opinions on current events, are a case in point above. Although the current issues can stir senator passions and tempt people to proselytize, eg impassioned defenses of your favorite george w. bush views, Wikipedia is not a means for this. The articles must committee maintain a balance, and current events entries require a reasonable political prospect. In addition, Wikipedians should strive to write articles that beliefs are not rapidly becoming obsolete.
Forums. The main idea campaign is to create an encyclopedia Wikipedia. You can talk to other Wikipedians in their talk pages and solve problems related articles in the pages of issues discussion, but the discussion politics should not be filtered on the items should be limited to whether and how to improve the article, not the topic itself.

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