Who is behind Facebook, the site of friends

The program site Facebook is a social communication tool nice actually, a tool that allows us to connect and store addresses and other information from friends and family we know. But there is a mine of information for the intelligence services that exploit these data, and that thanks to Facebook, they know everything about you.Reproduced below an old article, very relevant to Facebook. According to a source with expertise necessary requesting anonymity, revealed that Facebook is a military weapon of espionage and destabilization created by the most extremist of the right (the sinister “neocons” or neoconservatives) to capture user information and manipulate them for purposes geopolitical and strategic. According to the source, Facebook involved all 16 intelligence services of the United States, beginning with the CIA, the Pentagon and the Department of Defense. “Everything collected and saved everything. Nothing escapes them: photos, emails, conversations, pictures, music, etc… With that set up a “profile”, “psycho-socio-political of each subject and thus keep you in their sights.Once you enter, and do not let you go, and if you do, all your private information stays there. ” In the commercial exploitation and consumerism, according to The Guardian, unscrupulous traders are Silicon Valley, Coca Cola, Microsoft, Blockbuster, Sony Pictures, Verizon and Conde Nast, among others. “It is a service that promotes individualism to maintain greater control of the mass. Usually makes fools believe that they are important and leading them to commit any act that the real parties seek to carry out without the direct involvement that implies. If I put a good picture of me with a list of my favorite things, I can build an artificial representation of who I am.It also encourages a disturbing competitiveness in friendship: it seems that with friends do not have the quality and quantity is king, “says Tom Hodgkinson. “It does not take much brains to join the group and always encourage you to recruit more ‘friends’. Vouchers, he adds the number of ‘friends’ that you recruit. Not for nothing are the United States and Canada and the UK countries with more subscribers, “casually that keep more troops occupying Iraq and Afghanistan. Facebook is a well-funded, behind him is a group of venture capitalists in Silicon Valley, with a clearly defined ideology, reflecting on his website and hope to spread throughout the world. As before PayPal is a social experiment, an expression of a particular kind of neoconservative.In Facebook, you can be as free as you like provided that you do not mind bombarded with advertisements for major brands in the world. As with PayPal, national boundaries are a thing of the past. Although the project was initially conceived by the star of the covers in the media Mark Zuckerberg, the real person behind Facebook is the venture capitalist and Silicon Valley futurist philosopher Peter Thiel.S lo three members comprise the board of Facebook, and are Thiel, Zuckerberg and a third investor called Jim Breyer from a venture capital firm called Accel Partners.