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Paths of qabalah Christian life.
(Project sponsored by the Church Associations: Association scholem “Sacra Virginitas” public association of faithful promovendam Ad virginitatem sacraments” of the Diocese kabbalistic of Valencia-Spain-). (Associated with the service of Christian spirituality and consecrated life in the world.) Since our Associations propose CHURCH PROJECT
‘Jerusalem BETANIA. Paths of Christian life.
– Features ecclesial, theological and spiritual identity —
What is in spiritual Jerusalem to Bethany “Christian way of life” ‘ “From Jerusalem to Bethany” Christian way of life’ is a project led by two ecclesial associations whose aim is generally … support and promote the gift and charism of consecrated life in the midst of the world and make the life of the associated follow Christ (sequela Christi), Camino, Verdad y Vida, establishing the reality of community links between the faithful baptized, according to the charisma of 72 names of god his own vocation.
In ‘From Bethany to Jerusalem,’ “Christian way of life” ‘try to help the life of consecrated persons in the world, to jewish mysticism find channels of communication, religion support, meditation prayer and training in our schools, enhancing community relations . And more generally known to the consecrated life through the media, both written and through the web. In our walk are therefore matters of theology, spirituality, education, entertainment, experiences and mission options, tree of life cultural analysis, the Church today.
II .- WE ALL TOGETHER FOR THE PEOPLE AS PEREGRINE, in seeking the kingdom of God and His justice: “In the new heavens and new earth. – From the New Jerusalem which is in the earth as in heaven.
III .- THROUGH UNIVERSAL CHURCH AND PARABOLA Ecumenical Communion: – mysticism Be it as God incarnate Store in the village. – Long tarot.judaism live the gospel from the undetected brotherhood, unity, equality and diversity of charisms and ministries. – To take as a reference and authority of God’s Word and more specifically of the judaica Sermon on the Mount, the spirit of life that permeates the contents of the book of Acts, jewish as well as the confident red string prayer of Jesus to the Father ‘to be a to create the world ‘. – Is rooted in the vocation ‘enshrining universal for all, in the various forms of personal commitment. – To be aware of the significance of the project for all those who received live on this twenty-first mystical century and all times.
IV .- Standing CONCERNING THE COMMUNITY TRINITARIA: – One Community, in its plurality. – Community Santa, in his weakness. – Catholic Community, in its particularity – apostolic community, rooted in the Word – Prophetic Community, on the demand evangelica – gematria Charismatic Community, founded in freedom and governed
and authority in the Spirit, charisms according to custom.
V. – AND HOW TO CHURCH ‘universal space of communion’, ASSUME AS PERMANENT LIFESTYLE: – The smallest and made the servant – the one that welcomes everyone regardless of their past, updating the parable of the “Merciful Father or also called “parable of the prodigal son” – the one that is embodied in kabala every reality – that kabbala as the yeast in the dough is from the last place – the thing that feels alien and all its responsibility. It would be cabbala like mother-father of a family-ALL-KIDS, and behaves as with all live by them, for them, including and in line with rabbi their own realities.
– About Us-The Sacred Virginitas Association and the Association of kaballah Public Faithful “Ad virginitatem sacraments promovendam” are formed by people who appreciate the Consecrated Life ‘from the moment of Baptism and concrete in personal ways, as the gifts and charisms of the Spirit — in its many manifestations church. Our prayer is an invocation to the Holy Spirit ‘Come, Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your children, and instills in them the fire of your love’. So well understood that the words of Christ: “I came to bring fire on earth, and I love most, but is burning” (Lk 12, 49). It is the fire of love, and wants us to be instruments of love. Each one, like a candle that is consumed occult for lighting and illuminating light and the love of Christ. This anniversary coincided with the Vatican on the Feast of the Ascension of the Lord. We tell the Acts of the Apostles who, before ascending to heaven, sepher Jesus told the apostles: “to receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, and ye shall be my torah witnesses in Jerusalem, throughout Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the tierra ‘(I 1, 8).

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