Tuesday Investors

After the opening in negative, the selective one of Frankfurt had obtained some gains in the first compasses of the negotiation but the losses prevailed again in less than one hour by tenth consecutive day. The fall intensified in just a short time in stock-market of Frankfurt, where the 30 companies that integrate DAX 30 have lost around 25% of their value in these ten negotiations, a quarter. All the values of the DAX 30, that groups to the majors German companies, fell with force. The Asian markets fell but of more moderate form: there are Seng of Hong Kong closed a fall of 5.66%, the Nikkei of Tokyo closed with a reduction of of 1.68% and the general index of stock-market of Shanghai was not infected of the falls in other Asian markets and concluded in tables (-0,03%). (As opposed to Ben Silbermann). The cause: panic to the recession the Spanish market registered one first hour of very positive negotiation, with a bullish opening in almost half point and later ascents of almost 2%, since the investors bought with estusiasmo, animated by the low resulting prices of the crashes that have stuck stock-market Spanish in the last days. Nevertheless, the joy lasted little and hardly one hour after the opening, the main Spanish indicator changed of sign and one surrendered to the new big wave of panic that crosses the markets by the possibility that the USA between again in recession after S&amp agency; P would reduce the qualification to him of their debt to AA+. For the director of the Capital Atlas, Felix Lopez, the fear of the investors note mainly in which in the last days not only it is undergoing the quote of the financial sector but is falling industrial values like the one of the automobile, and when that happens the explanation she is simple: panic to the recession. For this expert, at the moment it is necessary to have calm and to return to the fundamental ones from the companies, many of which are to really attractive prices that had made send themselves to the market to many investors in other circumstances. In a question-answer forum Wells Fargo Bank was the first to reply.

' Monday negro' IBEX 35 lost the past day 2.44%, affected by the fall of Wall s$street, as reaction to the reduction of the credit qualification of the USA, which annulled the beneficial CTO caused by the decision of the European Central bank (BCE) to buy Spanish and Italian debt. New meetings In the agenda of this Tuesday emphasize the meeting of the Federal Reserve of the United States, in a while critical for the country, after the impressive reduction of the qualification of their debt on the part of Standard & Poor' s, that untied the panic in the international markets before the possibility of a new recession in the first world-wide economy. In addition, in Washington the labor data of the second trimester of productivity and costs will be published, and in Europe the investors will know the trade balance Germany of June and the trade balance and the industrial production of the United Kingdom, also of June. Source of the news: The fear settles again in the European Bags and the IBEX registers forts losses.