Tropical Storm Alberto

June 10, 2006’14 June, 2006
110 km / h, 995 hPa
Main article: Tropical Storm Alberto (2006)
On June 10, a disturbance associated with a large storm off the coast of Belize was on the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea and became the first tropical depression of the season. Shear threat to depression at the beginning, but as they moved to Florida, the weakening of it, allowed it to be strengthened and be organized enough to become Tropical Storm Alberto during the morning of June 11. Step on the temperate waters of the current loop enabled the convection is stronger. Alberto continued to organize during the night, to strengthen the 110 km / h limit near hurricane strength, but weakens the dry air entering the convection of the lower.
Recovered partially before making entry into the land of the noon June 13 at about 86 km south of Tallahassee, Florida. Alberto took a cyclonic storm surge of 2 m to the shores, flooding areas like Cedar Key and Crystal River. Even some time before coming ashore, the storm was still well organized. The system moved through Georgia and North Carolina and South while weakened, to become a tropical depression early June 14. Alberto lost its tropical characteristics that same morning, becoming an extratropical storm while moving rapidly toward the coast. His remains will be away from the Atlantic coast later today, crossing the sea lock and the North Atlantic into northern Europe

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