Traffic Injury

Tel 914413866 1 .- In the case of traffic accident and if you have suffered injury from an accident go to the ER and request medical report. 2 .- Communicate with your insurance company the traffic accident within seven days. 3 .- It is important to fill (in the scene) the friendly part you provide the insurance companies, collecting the data involved in a traffic accident and sign, with a brief description of the accident, or where appropriate, request the presence of competent security forces for the purpose of making up data and, where appropriate, the corresponding official. Be careful with statements that list the actors in the scene, read them carefully before signing. 4 .- It is essential to always keep the documents relating to accident, hospital medical reports, rehabilitation reports, repair bills, etc.. 5 .- You have a period of six months to formulate the complaint or within one year if he decides to go through civil with presentation of demand.

It is important how to write them as you do not agree that it reflects any information which may mislead the reality of what happened. Do not hesitate to advise you properly before. Tell them that our experience is moving ever further to handle the matters for professional prosecution to prove that medical examiners generally and in our view, do not usually collect all the harm they cause to victims of traffic accidents, resulting unfairly compensated. We prefer, as long as individual cases, other systems such as the settlement agreement with the company and through expert medical reports from our center, or, if no agreement, go to the civil courts where our experts advocate the full compensation due perceived in terms of injuries suffered by affected by the accident. 6 .- If any insurance company offers you contact us before any compensation, because generally do not offer all of what really should compensation. Do not take without consulting us, because then it is almost impossible to claim if you have accepted lower.

7 .- IMPORTANT. Remember that your insurance covers legal expenses, that is, you can choose an attorney you trust to conduct the case and defend you. Then your fee your insurance covers them. Take advantage of this coverage and pay it for that, of course, will defend with more emphasis than those hired by companies. 8 .- If the company does not deposit in the court the sums that are generated by your injury within three months, the end will have to abonarte the total amount of the award amount plus accrued interest (legal interest + 50 % and, if necessary, up to 20% of the amount obtained). Councils served by an accident Centre Department of Communication Tel 914413866