TOYOTA low moves EARTH CHARTER parameters, whose priority is caring for the planet. Also recycled cars to reduce the impact on the environment, either by building new cars or used as energy within the company. TOYOTA member companies must follow the guidelines of its parent expressed since 1998, is for this reason that abide highly critical points below show some of them. -Ensure compliance municipal, provincial, national and any compromise that subscribes related environmental issues, as well as the requirements of Toyota Argentina SA in this matter. -To prevent environmental pollution by acting primarily on those areas of the company that are related to contaminants. -Commit to the extent possible, to recycle, reuse or reduce waste from the work done at the dealership. -Prepare and encourage through training to all members of the concessionaire to make them aware of those damages caused by not caring for our environment -Provide and coordinate financial and human resources needed to meet environmental objectives and targets. -Sustaining our commitment to continuous improvement in every aspect addressed in this environmental policy, and in each project to be conducted by AMIUN SA, TOYOTA official dealer. -Develop and maintain an environmental management system under ISO 14001. His approach is not just environmental but also social. Since in its annual report, which highlights the activities undertaken, in addition to sections on environmental management, design and development, purchasing, production and logistics, and sales – after sales space devoted to social aspects. TOYOTA Cars stipulations meet and exceed the limits stipulated in harmful particles in states like California ULEV.Besides creating low-emission cars like the Prius hybrid, which uses an electric motor and gasoline, reducing oil use by 50 . Ideally, companies that provide support in a remarkable way to conserve our environment.