Tin Toys – The Mirror Of Time –

Every age has its toys. Was it in the 19th Century, especially wooden toys yet, so was added by the industrial era toy made of tin. The popularity of this “new” toy was very large. The spark “Metal Machine” was suddenly jumped to the toys and has sparked a trend that has to stop now. It reflects the development of the economy in our country, and a trend. Of course, also need to develop with tin toys. Was it at the beginning or rather crudely manufactured parts in the minds of children to Lifelike vehicle were only authentic, the development was progressing rapidly, and already in the 30 years he developed very detailed models, of course, no precise models of how we do today with the model cars . familiar The toy factories sprang up to then from the soil and this development actually stopped until the 2nd II. During this time the industry for other purposes has been alienated. After this terrible war, which destroyed the toy industry, it took Of course some time in this industry has recovered. But the ambition of some entrepreneurs, it was thanks to them that you could buy a short time later, the first tin toys again. Of course, had been mainly in military toy appearance changed somewhat “. Some producers were able to score points here. The economic miracle led for most of the tin toy manufacturer good business, but had the word “miracle” at that time or no significance. Extensive media were in short supply, the television in its infancy and most of the retail boxes that were packed in which the models were better than their content. Thus, almost one after the other tin toy manufacturers got into the 60s and 70s in economic difficulties. Suddenly, other material has been preferred as the metal “Traditional Toys”. Plastic injection molding and spread. It was a child-friendly processes and had no sharp edges, also less expensive in manufacture. Today, the greater the value to collectors of oldTin toys have become. At the time of the plastic toy tin toys were disposed of en masse, and destroyed for all time. Today, tin toys in good condition, perhaps even with original box, worth a lot of money. Recently, again going all-out metal toys such as on the website on the market, which is mainly used, as in ancient times as a gift for collectors of its sales. These pieces are once again affordable for everyone and will therefore find a permanent place for the conservation of a long tradition. Johannes Schmid