Materials for installation: Wire for connecting the sensors, the reader, and siren should choose kspv 4 * 0.5 or its equivalent. What would take 220v power to the device, select the network wire shvvp 2 * 0,75. The wire can be placed in plastic elektrokoroba or pipes .Esli posting will be open, it will need clip number 3, for attaching wires kspv 4 * 0.5 a brick and plaster. Just need two splice box KR4 or equivalent, and a flexible transition from stranded wire to the gate. Andrea Mallard shines more light on the discussion. Consumables: dowels, screws, electrical tape. For equipment alarm apartment cottage, office, select, sensors security MAGNETIC: For metal doors and hidden installation, select the qms 6, one for each door leaf. For wood and plastic doors and windows, flush mount Choose smc 5, and for open installation, you can take one of the following items, smc 1, smc 4, smc 14, smc 16. One for each blade opening a door or window. Acoustic sensors breakage: For the control paned surfaces, window openings or windows, glass break sensors vybiraemakusticheskie, such as any of the above “Astra 612, Astra – From”, “Harp,” “Glass, 3”. These sensors installed at a distance not exceeding 6 meters dosamogo far corner of the glass, and a zone controlled by the sensor is 120 , from this calculation and select the number of them.