The Inklings

Main article: Inklings The Rabbit Room, room that contains memories of the Inklings. Wooden plaque on the premises which recalls the customs of the Inklings. The Inklings were a literary group in Oxford that included renowned authors like CS Lewis, his brother Warren, JRR Tolkien and Charles Williams. From 1939 to 1962, he met in The Eagle and Child every Tuesday before eating, drinking beer and talking, usually in a space at the bottom of the pub where they could sit with some privacy, known as The Rabbit Room ( “The room rabbit). Contrary to popular belief (and also against what it says blue commemorative plaque fixed on the spot), the Inklings not read their manuscripts to each other in the pub: these readings usually take place at evening meetings, normally in the rooms of the College of Lewis. The Inklings changed their preferences in 1962, and moved in the same street as St.Giles’, the Lamb and Flag pub, although it remains The Rabbit Room at The Eagle and Child place that attracts curious visitors.