The Holy Month Of Ramadan

Love, scrolls, desire and passion to fulfill the dreams are the wings of the spirit of the great exploits. Oscar Pistorio is very impressive as culture, religious tradition of the Muslims is shown in the month of Ramadan. When one touches share ena Egypt with Arab custom, can not escape what it means for Muslims to Radames, what is involved and how they celebrated, which is very representative of the personal faith musulmana.En we observed custom is rooted remains with respect. It has been written, said that Ramadan is a Muslim tradition to be held every year during the ninth lunar month. This is that period in which Muslims perform a series of sacrifices in honor of Allah Both men and women must make fast and stop having sex from sunrise to sunset. They should also stop smoking and perfume. Muslims stop doing all these activities because God has so ordained. Thus, they can develop the will through the fight againstthirst, hunger and sexual needs, demonstrating faithfulness to God and trying to become better people, more moral. Specifically involving the Ramadan and when it starts Wikipedia tells us that to determine exactly when Ramadan starts is important for the fulfillment of religious requirements associated with this month. Many Muslims insist on following the tradition of marking the start of Ramadan to the naked eye, ie, scanning the sky to detect the first crescent after the new moon. Others are guided by the date and time pre-calculated for each zone or wait for the official announcement of any Islamic organization. The month of Ramadan is the ninth lunar month and begins on September 1 and ends on October 1 with the fast appearance of the moon at the end of Sha’ban (the eighth month in the Islamic lunar calendar). According to the Prophet (saas): “Fast to his vision (see the moon) and break your vision and if God is hidden (because atmospheric moon) concluded the month of Ramadan countingthirty days. Also at the beginning of the month of Ramadan will be counted thirty days of Sha’ban is visible but the birth of the moon. The pillars of fasting in Islam, either in the month of Ramadan, or in other months, are as follows: 1) abstinence from anything that breaks the fast either drink, food and carnal knowledge) from dawn to sunset. 2) Keep in mind the intention should be to have it in the mind and heart, without saying anything to the language of pronouncing something concrete (ie intended), must be before fajr (Start time the first sentence of the day), and may be the day, or throughout the month since its inception is the duty of the Muslim fasting healthy adult trial, healthy, living either male or female. With respect to women, must be out of menstruation, and postpartum. Therefore, should not fast the mentally ill, not the least, neither the woman during menstruation or postpartum and pregnant women, the fears for her infantsmall, or the frail elderly. frail elderly whose health may worsen. The chronically ill and not able to recover the days Breakfast. Those which are very hard jobs and do not have the possibility of finding another job lighter, such as the blacksmith, for example. All the cases mentioned above are required to feed a poor person in compensation for each day they have not fasted, and not have to retrieve it. Who is allowed to have breakfast in Ramadan and making up the breakfasted Patients whose health may worsen with fasting and is expected to recover from the disease and its cure. In cases of hunger or thirst that can be severevery serious impact on health status. When travel is allowed to have breakfast when you travel the same distance which allows you to shorten the sentences and say them together. That is, the Douhour with ‘Asr 2and 2 Rak’at instead of 4 and 4, those of the Maghrib with’ Isha 3 and 2 instead of 3 and 4 rak’ahs cases in which they prohibits fast and must make up the days breakfasted Women who are with menstruation or during the postpartum period, as this absolutely forbidden his fast and prayer, having to make up the fast, but not prayer (The dervish, if recovered). Things and events that are permitted during the period of abstinence Bathing, showering, swimming and dive into the water with the condition that they do not swallow anything by mouth or nose. Kuhl put the eyes or eye drops, either drops, creams, etc. The Kuhl mask is a kind of natural (natural black powder) used for the edges ofeyelids, as a means to treat some eye diseases, or as a means of beauty. The kiss: kissing one another, as well as the man to his wife and vice versa, without access to orgasm or leaving the seminal fluid. The injections are intramuscular, subcutaneous or intra-cutaneous, provided they are not nutritious. Venepuncture (sangria) used in some diseases as a means of treatment. Rinsing the mouth with water or suck the water up the nose during the washing and re-throw it out, in order to cleanse the mouth and nostrils. This allowed to swallow the inevitable things such as saliva, or dust (in some papers). The use of suppositories, whether anal or vaginal sex. The use of colognes, perfumes and makeup. Eat, drink and have sex since breaking the fast (sunset) to abstinence (output alba). It is permissible to delay ghusl (major ablution) until after sunrise to women who had menstruation or postpartum and were free eveningabove. The recovery of the days breakfasted or canceled during the month of Ramadan does not have to be immediately after this month, but has a long period of time extending from ending the current month of Ramadan, until you start the following . The same applies to the kaffrah. We must recover one day for each day you have breakfast during the month of Ramadan, but are not necessarily all the days in a row (if more than one day) may be made straight or sauted. If the month of Ramadan next year, and had not recovered due day, fasting the month and recover what they will owe later. In case of death and duty days of Ramadan, these can be retrieved either by their ualy (family caregiver), or by one of those who inherit it. Unlike fasting prayer in this regard, and that prayer can not be recovered by others. Industrial Engineer-manager, lawyer. EGADI (ITESM) Postgraduate Masters inBusiness administration, quality and productivity, education Doctorate in Education Research Professors Graduate Area Faces UC. Your Business Consultant advisor DEPROIMCA EXATEC