Castilla La Mancha

A tenant can rent an apartment in Spain for an average price of 755 euros per month, only 13 euros cheaper that six months ago. If I would have hired him a year ago, it would have gone much more expensive, it would have had to pay $ 50 more a month for the same floor. This decrease in the rental price has been steady from a year ago in which a tenant had to pay an average of 805 euros per month for rent, but in the last six months seems that fall has stabilized by registering a half-yearly drop of 1.7%. If the annual variation look, the fall is much more drastic: 6.2%. Thus notes it the report of June on the price means the rental of housing in Spain prepared by Enalquiler. The ranking of the rental by autonomous communities is no surprise, the classic Madrid (1,107 euros), Basque country (978 EUR) and Catalonia (830 EUR) occupy the top positions and continue erecting such as the most expensive to live in rent, while that Extremadura (488 euros), Castilla La Mancha (522 euros) and La Rioja (536 euros) are the cheapest.

If the tenant lives in a large urban core and work center as Madrid (1219 euros) or Barcelona (1,042 EUR) you must allocate much of his salary to pay the rent because they have their home in two provincial capitals more faces of Spain to live rentals. Although WINS les San Sebastian: your tenants pay an average of 1,416 euros per month. Opposite these three cities, Ourense (425 euros), Ciudad Real (450 euros) and Palencia (466 euros), cheaper provincial capitals are placed for rent. You have all the information about the price half the rental housing in Spain, analysed by autonomous communities, provinces and provincial capitals in June of Enalquiler report. The evolution of the price of rent in PDF you can download. Also you have this information online at Enalquiler where you can surf the different Spanish stocks to see the average price for the rental of their houses and annual evolution: about Enalquiler, with more than 100,000 flats for rent currently consolidated as leading real estate portal in residence in Spain for rent.