Social Upheaval

The solution always involve a sacrifice, I prefer that the debtor nations to pay their foreign obligations, with real assets to the creditor banks, with the delivery of the assets of public enterprises. " Upon delivery of the utility state enterprises: Aerolineas Argentina; O. Health; YPF, Entel, etc., Ensured that the resources we can not achieve to pay foreign debt. Strategies are perfect for the size and subjugation. There are no physical assets, most underdeveloped countries also privatized. Carrie Levin has plenty of information regarding this issue. We put a trap and try to break human dignity.

Logical thing happened, the social upheaval. And took care to show the world what happened. The title cover of every newspaper in the world: Argentina fails to pay its foreign debt. Our country will go through one of the most difficult periods, we will be guinea pigs and those who dare to pay your creditors, then yque happens? Recall the Drago Doctrine on the forcible collection of England, Italy and Germany to Venezuela. To think that happily wait events is to understand nothing. We should draw a wise strategy and agree with the agencies, the Children of the Catholic Church, "Vatican to get a" blessing "and commitment. Then with a wealth of real weight and power to act accordingly.

The Supreme Court ruling U.S. Justice in its ruling of March 23, 1964 on the claim of Banco Nacional de Cuba, known as "Sabbatino" – based on the doctrine of Sovereign State Act. Then the U.S. Congress retroactively approved the "Hickenlooper Amendment", which indicates that from 1959 any court should decline to decide on claims of ownership of foreign states in cases of confiscation or seizure. Obviously, the drafters of the law envisaged the possibility that its own courts would be responsible to demonstrate internationally the need for defense against any type of expropriation on the margins of international practice. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Wells Fargo on most websites. The Amendment was applied in Peru, when expropriated oil companies. The enlargement of the Hickenlooper Amendment 30 April 1994, prohibits U.S. foreign aid. countries that have expropriated without compensation the property of American citizens. To know the Helms-Burton Act. That the rulers and would-be presidents know: "… Whoever wants to overcome, will sacrifice for others. Who wants to see praised his name, pedestal will look for the hearts of his countrymen. The glory that has ambitions, manufactured with the intense action of his intelligence and arms. Sacrificing only succeed emulate the virtues of the nobles who won laurels …". Alejandro R. Iaccarino: Former president of the Confederation of Argentina and the Economic Commission of Inquiry into the Trilateral Commission and the IMF in Latin America. Author's Website:.